New McDelivery Commercial

Lookie, lookie. McDonald's just released two commercials for their McDelivery.

We tried their service once last year and we have mixed feelings about it. For one, it took a while for them to respond to our order inquiry, that is just to confirm our order and a lot longer waiting time before the order arrived. Looks like our area is assigned to a different store (Katipunan branch) even though we are literally only 10 minutes away from their Eastwood branch.

It's not all bad though. Our order was still warm when we received it (which was quite a surprise) and we were billed exactly as we expected so it's all good I suppose.

With the new interface, I hope they have already shortened the delivery time and assign their delivery areas efficiently. If you frequently order online, McDelivery now offers a registration in their website where you can save you address details for future orders.


Safeguard handwashing campaign

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Curious about this tissue?
Click the image to know the story behind the new Safeguard hand washing campaign.


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Google Today: Constantin Brâncuşi

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Constantin Brâncuşi (Romanian pronunciation: [konstanˈtin brɨnˈkuʃʲ]; February 19, 1876 – March 16, 1957) was a Romanian-born sculptor who made his career in France. As a child he displayed an aptitude for carving wooden farm tools. Formal studies took him first to Bucharest, then to Munich, then to the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris. His abstract style emphasizes clean geometrical lines that balance forms inherent in his materials with the symbolic allusions of representational art. Famous Brâncuşi works include the Sleeping Muse (1908), The Kiss (1908), Prometheus (1911), Mademoiselle Pogany (1913), The Newborn (1915), Bird in Space (1919) and The Column of the Infinite (Coloana infinitului), popularly known as The Endless Column (1938). Brâncuşi is considered a pioneer of modernism.

- Wikipedia
If Constantin Brancusi is still living, he's 135 years old today.

The Kiss
Image credit: Shaun Higson

How to: Revert to old photo viewing option in Facebook

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Notice the new way of viewing photos in Facebook? If you are one of the few whose profiles has not been updated yet, here is what it looks like.

Some people like the update but some don't. With this tutorial, you now have the option of viewing your Facebook photos without the lightbox effect.

The How To:

Simply Reload/Refresh your page. Or press F5 function key above the numbers in your keyboard to reload.


If that doesn't work for you do the following.


Can't wait for May

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One of the movies to look forward to this year.



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A trial brigade fumes above the load.

UP Fair 2011

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It feels like it's quieter than it used to.

Well, it's to be expected since Wednesday's theme is about the 70s Martial Law Revolution. We didn't go inside the event place since we have U-chan with us but we stayed for a while to listen to nationalistic music. 

There are still 3 days left. Don't miss this annual event to listen to good music, yummy foods and experiencing nature all in one night. Or all three nights if you plan to attend all remaining days. Our favorite band Urbandub will be playing on Saturday but DK have work scheduled by then. It's disappointing that we're going to miss their gig, again. If you don't have anything else planned on Saturday, I suggest you visit UP Fair 2011 in UP-Diliman Sunken Garden and watch and listen to Urbandub and other local acts play. 


Scared of the Black Mama?

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The name alone send tingles to my spine. Who is this Black Mama? Why should I be shared? If you don't know who he is yet, then you should be scared. He's one of the fiercest basketball player in NBA history. Get out of his way or he'll eat you alive for this passionate player will not wait for you. He's got power and strategy.

The Black Mamba is Kobe Bryant.

Starring Kobe Byant, Kanye West, Danny Trejo and Bruce Willis. Directed by Robert Rodriguez.

The film will be officially launched on Saturday, February 19th, 6pm at the Ronac ART Center, Ortigas Avenue, Greenhills, San Juan. Gates open at 4:00 p.m.

I am thankful...

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  • for the blessing we received last year especially when DK's company decided to hired him permanently after almost 4 years of being under sub-contract;
  • for celebrating our daughter's 2nd birthday;
  • for celebrating our 8th year anniversary as a couple;
  • for celebrating our 2nd anniversary of our marriage live;
  • for Lexi, our new camera, an anniversary gift from DK;
  • for the extra income I received online;
  • for being healthy, both body and soul.

There are so many things I have to be thankful for.Not just for the monetary and material blessings we received but also for the small things. I may not vocalize it as much as I should but in my heart and in my mind, there is always a silent thanks for every blessing we received. 

I am also thankful this year that I met cool people from the internet. I met bloggers who also shared the same passion as I have, that is being a mom. One reason why I am writing this is because one generous mom loves to blog and she's successful in what she is doing that she's sharing it with other moms who aspire to be like her. Thank you Mommy Rubz.

Chris Chronicles Blogversary Giveaway


Chris Chronicles is celebrating her 1st blog anniversary (or blogversary) through a giveaway. It's her way of thanking her readers and followers. I am crossing my fingers to win this giveaway. Our car Godo badly needs an update on his car parts.

With the help of her generous sponsors, she'll be giving away cash prizes and Blogger/Wordpress template. The prizes to be won are:
  • 1st winner will get $100
  • 2nd winner will get $50
  • 3rd winner will get $30
  • 4th winner will get a two-column Blogger or WordPress template, color of winner’s choice.

PinayMama Birthday Contest

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PinayMama is celebrating her birthday by hosting a contest. Cash, domain names, hosting, EC credits and more prizes to be won. There are only 4 steps to follow and it's all very easy, no need to do cartwheel. Read below to know more.

1st place
Blog makeover (Blogger or WordPress, two columns, color of choice of winner)
2 domain and hosting for one year
8,000 ec credits

2nd place
1 domain and hosting for one year
6,000 ec credits

3rd place
1 domain and hosting for one year
4,000 ec credits

4th place
1 domain and hosting for one year
2,000 ec credits

5th place
1,000 ec credits

6th place
500 ec credits

Consolation Prizes:
4 winners of $5 via random.org for the first 13 contestants who completes the requirements!

Special Prize:
The contestant with the highest number of referred people to the contest will win a Baby Bond Nursing Sash Couture worth $35.


Weekend Blog Follower Caravan #7

It's the weekend again and it's time for the Weekend Blog Follower Caravan!

The Rules:
1. Make sure you follow our hosts: Pinay Mommy Bloggers and Pinay Mommy Online.
2. Every Saturday, you make a post to welcome your new followers with any of the badges above. Submit the LINK of your post to our weekly post.
3. Once added visit other players’ post and leave a comment telling them that you have followed them from the Weekend Blog Follower Caravan. Then don’t forget to place the link of your blog to where you wanted to be followed back.

- PinayMommy.org

Leave a comment so I can follow you back. Have a great weekend!


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WBFC #6: twitter

It's Weekend Blog Follower Caravan once again. I know I missed the previous WBFC but I want to get back on track with the other bloggers.

The rules of the game:
ONE – Visit participants’ blog. Fellow participant visits you back. Everyone gets BLOG TRAFFIC! Yay!
TWO – Comment at participants’ post. Fellow participant comments back. Everyone gets comments at their BLOGS! Yay!
THREE – Follow other participants. Fellow participant follows back. Everyone gets to have followers! Yay!
This week's theme is Twitter. Instead of following blogger via Google Friend Connect and/or email subscriptions, we'll have to follow each other through Twitter. So if you have a twitter account like me, please follow me using the link below:

Leave a comment below if you followed me using Twitter so I can follow you back. Don't forget to click on the WBFC badge to join this meme.

In other news:
Our family blog { corbitoness } is temporary down because I'm moving it to a paid hosting. I'll let you know as soon as I have it properly moved.

My other blog that's purely dedicated to my crafty updates and all things handmade are now live. It's called handmade by gene. It's still pretty new but if you have a craft blog, leave a comment there so I can visit your blog.

My job here is done. Time to blog hop.

Have a great weekend!

a little thing called love

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Title: A little thing called love aka First Love
Origin : Thailand
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Young Adult
Synopsis: The ordinary 14 years old girl name Nam. she's unattractive or simple call... the ugly! But she had secretly in love with older guy in grade 10 name Chon, a most popular student in high-school. He's hot, perfect and generous. That's make girls in school going crazy about him, including Nam too. But she doesn't give up easily. She tried do everything to made her pretty good and outstanding in school. Because she hopes him turned around at her just once more time.

this is so hilarious. their teacher reminds me of pokwang. she's like thailand's version of pokwang. i'm not liking the ending so much but heck, the whole film is just so funny.


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