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Something that made me nostalgic today. I miss playing Boggle with my siblings.


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Crying over spilled milk

Literally. I thought it would be the end of my future blogging career. And it all started with introducing Una to drinking formula milk.

I've been breastfeeding Una for 17 months now and was planned to start weaning her as soon as she turned one this January. But we have one big problem. Una doesn't want to feed from a bottle, even if it's expressed milk in the bottle. She's always been the Miss Grab-Mommy's-Boobs-Whenever-I'm-Hungry. Recently, she's been extra cranky whenever I stop her from watching too much cartoons (I blame her Dada for that) and she intentionally bit one of my boobs, intentionally if I may add. Only then that I really pursued of stopping her with breastfeeding. With that in mind, DK and I bought Gain Plus Advance and gave her a dose. She's a bit hesitant but we're able to finish all of it. Just so you know, Una doesn't want to drink on her Avent bottle. She used to with a soft spout with her water but still not with milk. She's then used a tumbler straw for her water but still won't drink with milk. I gave the milk to her in a cup and she drank it all like a champion. Makes me proud of her small achievement, even rewarded with a burp from my little girl!

So when she asked for a second dosage, I was ecstatic and gave her another. Only this time, we made a mistake of giving it to her near the laptop and then bam! Milk spilled on the laptop's screen and it blacked out! I was so scared but DK and I we're able to at least contain the spillage. He immediately removed the battery and wiped it clean. It took roughly two hours of letting it dry and tried turning it on. Fortunately, it worked on my last attempt. Wow! I just cannot imagine my life without the laptop. All of my documents and downloaded files. Thank God it's only minor.

For now on, DK and I decided that there will be no more food and drinks allowed near the laptop.

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Well, well, well, look who's here

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It's been so long and my blogging mojo is alive but still struggling. We had some fun times over the summer, though not really fun enough if I may say so. We didn't hit the beach like hubby and I planned because of some unexpected expenses for our car Godo. I'll talk more about that in my future post recapping our summer. For the meantime, I'd like to share with you what DK and I did today (or rather yesterday.)

We went bowling!

DK's company had a victory party for the account that they won recently. They decided to start it with a bowling party in Paeng's Eastwood Bowl and Billiards Room. It only my second time and DK's first time bowling and we were really excited to be doing something new for the first time this year. Unfortunately, beginner's luck was not in our side so no lucky strikes for us but we were able to hit a lot of pins at a time so I say it's pretty good shot for a newbie. After exhausting our arms with bowling, the company then went to Makati for a dinner buffet in Dad's Glorietta. 

There are a lot of food to choose from but unlike everyone else, DK and I only tried some of the dishes we seldom encounter but are already familiar with. After our first batch, we both indulged ourselves in Saisaki's maki buffet for our second batch. I'm not really sure if it's because of what I ate there or what I had for lunch because I had a couple of visits to the restroom as soon as I got home. DK and I ate almost the same thing today but he had no problems with his digestion. I'll have to investigate more on that tomorrow. 

Oh, how could I forget! It's our Independence day yesterday and we have new leaders in our government. I know all of us are looking forward to good governance. I may not have voted for some of them but let's support our leaders despite our differences in our political views.

God bless our country and our future.



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Some fun with Una in KFC Libis.