Learning Flute

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Learning how to play a musical instrument gives back something to soothe one's inner self. Maybe it's not the learning but the playing when you already know how to, but how are you going to reach that status if you do not start to learn at all? There are numerous musical instruments to choose from. While the most common is the guitar, others are equally satisfying as long as you enjoy playing any of them.

The flute is one of the instruments that can be played alone or with a backup orchestra, if you wish. The sound of a flute has a mesmerizing sound. A good composition for the flute will either lull you to sleep or wake you up in amazement. Just try to listen to Flight Of The Bumblebee rendered on flute via Youtube. With such piece so amazingly played normally on piano, having it played on flute makes it more amazing since you not just press the right holes but you also exert extra effort in blowing the right amount of air at the right time with the right mouth formation.

While most of the music pieces are classical in nature, it does not stop you to play pop tunes of your choice. Greensleeves may not be classical but it has attained its classic status some years ago. The lead tune of the flute is really hypnotic. If you want to adapt a tribal flavor, try Waka Waka! First, buy your Gemeinhardt flute so you can wake up to your dream.


Nice To Know You Wednesday

Hi there!

It's been a while since I last joined this blog in a meme. I'm in the mood since the offspring is currently asleep and I have free time.

For this week, Vix of MumWrites posted these questions:
1. Grab the book nearest you + find page 28, what does line 3 say?

I'm currently reading Shelly Laurenston's book one in the Magnus Pack book series. It's called Pack Challenge, an urban-fantasy book about shape shifters. The 3rd line on page 28 is:

"Well?" He wanted their opinion on the female.

2. What is the last film you saw?

DK and I last saw The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo in the cinemas. And oh my God, Rooney Mara is great in that movie!

3. If you could eat lunch with one famous person, who would it be?

I would have said Neil Gaiman because he's a brilliant author but I would be terribly intimidated to eat and would probably end up embarrassing myself. So I'm not so sure really, perhaps I'd rather not.

4. Is the glass half-empty or half-full?

Always half-full. I'm an optimistic person, a far cry from what I used to be, I know. But being a mother would do that to a person. :)

5. Where were you on Valentine’s day?

At home, reading. :D DK have work that day/night and we don't celebrate Valentine's Day, ever.

That's it for me!

How about you? Answer these questions and visit Vix's blog and submit your link. Don't forget to visit the other entries.


Campus Book Rentals saves you money on textbooks

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A post-Valentine's Day post

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Because I'm sure there are so many Valentine's Day blog posts out there. Have you seen Google's doodle video for Valentine's Day? So cute!

Watch Google Doodle: Valentine's Day video

I am so in love with this video. So adorable and simple. So guys, if you don't know what to do what to give to your love one on -- this is not just limited to Valentine's Day -- try spending more time with that person. They would appreciate it so much more. And come on, we all know material things lose its value in one way or another but memories don't.

Make new memories, something you'll cherish and would occasionally go back to. That's how you make a day special for your love one. ;)


Google Doodle: Charles Dicken's 200th Birthday

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Today's Google Doodle is for Charles Dicken's 200th birhtday.

Charles Dickens was an English novelist known for his novels A Christmas Carol, A Tale of Two Cities, Great Expectations, and a whole lot more listed here in Wikepedia's Charles Dickens bibliography. Several of his works have been made into TV series and movies. 

He was born on February 7, 1812 in England. A day after having suffered a stroke, Charles Dickens passed away on June 9, 1870. He was 58 years old. 

Despite his request of being buried in a private manner, he was buried in Poet's Corner of Westminster Abbey. It was said that Charles Dickens' last words, as reported in his obituary were:

"Be natural my children. For the writer that is natural has fulfilled all the rules of art."


Tips For Choosing a Professional Home Theater Installer

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