5 Ideas for Your Guest Room

Having guests stay over is a lovely way to be able to spend time with your friends or family and share your home with them. Once you’ve got a nice space set up as your guest room, hosting your loved ones becomes easy and pleasant for both parties. Here are a few great ideas to help you do just that. 

Colours and Pleasant Perfumes

To leave a good impression and ensure your guests feel comfortable in their temporary room, the space should be welcoming and pleasant. Neutral shades accented with splashes of warmer colours or striking bright textiles will help to create a space that is neither too dull nor too bold.
Make sure it’s a nice space for sleeping and for spending a little down time during the day – it should be well lit but able to be kept cool, dark and quiet at night. Subtle, soothing aromas are a homely touch that also create a calm and inviting space.

Creature Comforts

When your guests are staying with you they’ll want a little time to themselves. In order to create a space in which they can feel comfortable they should be provided with a few creature comforts that can be enjoyed in their room.

A mirror in the room means guests can ready themselves without having to wait for the bathroom, it helps guests feel a little more self contained. This can be complimented with a nice dresser where they can keep cosmetics and toiletries rather than in their travel bag.

A tray with tea cups, tea bags and a kettle is another lovely touch. Some spare towels and blankets should also be accessible – if your guests get up earlier than you for a shower, or are cold during the night, they won’t want to wake you up to ask for a towel or blanket.

Books and Magazines

A few recent magazines or simple, short books by the bed give guests something to pass the time when they need to escape for a few hours and just relax, or to wind down at night. Try opting for gender neutral magazines and books that make for an easy read.

Towels and Toiletries

A dresser for toiletries, towel hooks, a small desk for the laptop and a chair in the corner are all nice ideas for furnishings. Necessary items like towels and face washers should also be placed in the room. You might also like to provide a small cake of soap and some travel-sized shampoo, conditioner and body wash, so that your guests don’t have to share the family supply. They’ll feel as though they’re at a five star resort.

Futons and Foldaways

If you’re a little stuck for space in your home, why not combine purposes for your spare rooms? When there’s only one room to spare, have your office space or games room double as a guest room when you have people come to stay.

The easiest way to do this is by having furniture than can easily be stowed away, moved or transformed. You might like to have your room as primarily an office space or a play room for the kids, with a stylish futon or fold-out sofa bed included in the room so that when guests come to stay you can simply convert the seating to bedding. You could also use a desk that folds away and can be stored in a small space. Make sure there’s plenty of spare cupboard space so any office items, toys or electronics can be neatly tucked away while your guests are present.

If your guest room is mostly used by your children’s friends or younger family members, you could search for any bunk beds for sale to include in your spare room, maximising sleeping space while leaving plenty of room for an office desk or a play space.

By following these basic tips you’ll create a lovely in-home respite for your guests to sleep, relax, and recharge for all the day’s activities. They’ll be back in no time!


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