just resting...


everything else went so fast these past few weeks. the busiest weeks and it's not even christmas related! shopping computers for the in-laws' computer shop to making invitations and souvenirs to tying the knot and opening the shop. all went in a blur i don't really remember everything. a lot of sleepless nights and my body finally gave up. as unfortunate as it may seem, i got sick on my 35th week and having cough and colds while heavy with baby una is not pleasant at all. there's the scare that this sickness might affect my baby. but my OB assured me that the medicines that i'm taking are safe for baby and not that strong. but i still feel worried because salbutamol is giving me this weird feeling (or is it the bromhexine that's giving me that light-headed feeling), like i'm high or something. plus i have to take antibiotics for my UTI which is much worse than other pregnant women. they found a lot of pus cells and protein in my urine so that's another medication to take. i just hope that everything will go well after all this medication and i refuse to take more than i'm taking now.

enough of those rants. i just want to say that we're almost complete with baby una's stuff, mostly given to us by those who attended our wedding. we still have a couple of things to buy and those are to be completed by una's soon-to-be godmother. we'll have to go a shopping spree once i'm well and good.

unfortunately, i totally lost all the time in crocheting and practicing my knitting. so i still have a lot of wip but i'll get on to that as soon as i have fully recovered from this darn cough.

how was your week?