Una is not happy...

...with Mommy's hiatus in the world of blogging and being addicted to reading fanfictions. Not to mention being lazy in the already lazy summer weather. I cannot wait for the rainy days to come.

Should Mommy start looking for matching wellies?

Mommy said she'll update soon, pinky promise.


Mommy and Baby Fair 2010

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This will be my second year celebrating Mother's Day as a mom. We didn't do much last year, I think we had a special family dinner with cakes and that's it. I'm pretty excited to go to this year's fair because we are only a couple of minutes away from Eastwood City. I just wish that we can get over our sniffles for the next few days so that we can fully enjoy the fair on the weekend. I hate getting sick during summer but with the dust and dry weather, it feels like it's meant to be. DK and Una have the sniffles too.

Any plans on Mother's Day?