Creepy Crawly Things

This creepy crawly thing landed on our bed earlier this month.

I shriek like a mad banshee when I saw what it is. It almost landed on my underarm! Imagine how painful that could be. *shudder* Last week, a much tamer caterpillar landed on my shoulder. I freaked DK out because I landed on top of him while he was sleeping. It turned out that the in-laws are growing some vines on our room's roof so those creepy crawly things are finding it's way inside our room.

Have you touched a higad? How did you deal with it?

PS. Is higad caterpillar in Filipino?

I hope your Thursday Brownies is not as disgusting as my entry.Click the badge if you have something brown to share.


Gene Reads

I love reading. I think I got really hooked into it when I was in high school and I saw my childhood friend reading a young adult novel during school breaks and I was intrigued. She lent me her old copy and the rest is history. Of course, the books I prefer to read are not available in the library. Back then, we cannot afford to buy the books that we want to read. A book is about our week's worth allowance. So my friend and I would visit bookstores each day after school and read a chapter of the unsealed books until we finished reading it just by visiting bookstores. We always get this annoyed looks from the staff because we always hang out in their stations but those looks didn't bother us. Hahaha!

As I grew older and received more demanding responsibilities at school and life in general, the number of books I read in a month declined. Sad to say, I only read 18 books last year. When this year started, I planned to double the numbers of those books and I want to kick myself for not fulfilling even half of it! It's October now and I've only read 13 new books out of the 36 books in my goal. Ugh, it's so annoying!

2011 Reading Challenge

2011 Reading Challenge
Gene has read 13 books toward her goal of 36 books.

That doesn't mean I'm not reading though. I am in fact addicted to *whisper*fanfiction*whisper*. Some of the stories I've read are so well written that the writers made a move and publish their own stories commercially. I am yet to buy some of those stories but I will have to order those from US because those are not readily available in the local bookstores.

And because I am not in the mood to learn new characters yet, I am re-reading one of my favorite book series: Guild Hunter by Nalini Singh.

Should I make a separate blog for the books I read? It might encourage me in reading more books before the year ends. Hmnnn, we'll see...


Term Papers For Free

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