Birthday Food

Food that we had on my birthday.

1. Maccha Azuki & Cornflakes Blueberry Shake, 2. bacon x potato, 3. Ika-tama okinomiyaki, 4. Ika-tama okinomiyaki, 5. Slammers | Bacon Cheeseburger, 6. PenPen | Mini Cordon Bleu

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a little older. a little heavier. a little me. still.

Ugh, I posted this four minutes late. Darn.


Go Mimi + Personal Update

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I've been really, really quiet in Ravelry for two months now. But something hit me and went ahead and browse through the patterns again. A lot of great and really helpful features were added and what I love most is where you can find free patterns posted by other ravelers. How cool is that?

I also searched for people in Ravelry who is currently living in the Philippines. The number almost doubled since I joined the community but what's interesting is the column that showcases this month's featured ravelers. And I'm so proud to say that one of them is my crochet buddy and a proud Filipino, Mimi.

That's Mimi (mimicat) in the third photo.

Congratulations, Mimi! Otanjoubi Omedetou!

Project Update:

I failed the third attempt in the sunbathing bikini. It was disappointing because I was so into it while making the project but the pattern isn't really for me. I mean the pattern is good, no doubt about that but won't fit in my body type. It's too big despite all the modifications I've made.

Anyway, I'm currently working on Obarappu Sukato now, a pattern I've found in Ravelry Yay! I miscalculated on the hook size and knowing me, I seldom make gauges for patterns. It looks a size bigger but it would work out well. I can feel it. And I'm trying to remove the Queen of Starters attitude in me so I'm finishing this one despite that mistake. Hopefully I could wear this on my meet-up with Jinky on her vacation here on May. Looking forward to it Jinky!

Other Project:

The reason behind why I have no progress with my handiwork recently is that I'm busy playing with my new toy. I think I will also make this as my primary Flickr account.

Gene Pascual. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr
I'm still learning so pardon the bad photography. :)

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. - Walt Disney


Try and try

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Indeed I am.

This is a very early post. I have no sleep since 2pm yesterday. I can't sleep at night and I don't want to sleep in this particular morning because my hands are busy again. Yes indeed. March is after all my month. I got over the PSP mania, no manga to read and no people to take photos of. I know, my bad. Suddenly realizing on doing something productive when all else fail.

I don't want to focus on negativity this early morning but I can't help but post about it. It started yesterday. K-kun was busy with the computer and I'm too bored to play PSP and I realized that's it's always so hot. I can feel the summer heat and I promised a friend to make a bathing suit for her. She was really into it when I showed her my finished bolero. The day I promised to give her the bathing suit already passed. She already went to Boracay but still no bathing suit.

And here I am making attempts on a project in the magazine. This time it's for me. :D

Attempt No. 001
The right cup. It's too big for me though I had the right gauge and the right size. I guess US cup A is way bigger than local sizes. And I really think that it would fit me somehow. Yeah, dream on!

Attempt No. 002
This time, didn't even reach a quarter of it. I used a smaller hook and yet still too big.

Attempt No. 003
I think I finally have it.

I'll keep it a secret for now.
Different hook, different yarn, same pattern.

Will it work?

Looking good for now.

Will update later.
I won't sleep till I finish the right cup.