Earth Hour 2011

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March 26th 2011 marked the day of the Earth Hour and a lot of earth lovers participated in this worldwide yearly event. Everyone is encouraged to turn off their lights on 830 pm to 930 pm, local time. Did you turn off your lights?

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In my own small way, I decided not just to turn off my lights on Earth Hour but I decided to not my laptop for the whole day. If you know me well, you will know that it was not an easy feat for me. I am far too attached and addicted to my laptop and the internet. DK was suprised to see me not using my laptop when he woke up.

All I can think of are all positive effects. I saved electricity for a whole day in my own small way and I was able to finish two books! If I am always online and connected, I will never have the time to finish all those books in my reading list. 

So what did you on Earth Hour?


to print or not to print

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You probably know by now the mishap that happened to our laptop last year when our hard disk drive crashed. I was not able to keep a copy of the photographs I have stored in there. I have been planning for months that I would compile it all into photo books and digital prints but I keep on dilly-dallying and before I knew it, it's already too late.

With all the printing companies left and right, I cannot decide where to have it printed, not to mention that we have a working printer in our home. But since I wanted to keep those photos for a long time, I wanted my photographs to be printed by the professionals.

I know printing is not the only option available out there to secure the copies of my photos. Obviously, creating a back-up copy of files is a must but as you all know, I am procrastinating most of the time so I always forget to back-up my files. It would have saved me a lot of heartaches if I did that in the first place. Some friends suggested that I upload my photos to online photo albums. 

A lot of options to think of, makes me wonder if I should do all three instead.

Do you print your photographs or upload them to an online photo album?


who is gene?

Hi there. Welcome to my first domain!

Sorry for the pajama photoshoot (lol) My brother didn't upload our photo yesterday and my recent solo photo was months ago so I have to improvise.
In case you haven't figured out yet, my name is Gene and welcome to my experiment blog. It didn't occur to me that my blog name would cause confusion in terms of searching it online. You know, gene, dna and experiments. Sounds like a blog of an evil scientist playing with living organism. Made me wonder once if I should change it. Nah, this is a part of me that I do not want to erase.


beautiful dawn

Nothing is normal in our household. A daddy in night shift, a nocturnal mommy and *gasp* a nocturnal baby? It baffles me that my toddler would be awake in the middle of the night to play just when I was about to go to sleep. And she doesn't do it quietly. Just the other day when it was daddy's day off, she was in the mood to wake every person in the household with her loud crying and insisted on opening the lights so she can play.

This time she stayed awake till dawn. Since it was almost morning, daddy decided to go for a walk. Sort of exercise, his opinion not mine. I think it was a father-daughter tandem thing way of torturing me. It's cold and I have no sleep yet. All I wanted was to sleep in our soft bed under the warmth of downy comforters. But my two favorite persons said otherwise and majority wins in our party, so we walked.

With that walk comes this lovely shade of blue dawn. I took a photo and realized their decision no longer annoyed me inspite of semi-freezing my legs with the morning chill. Our morning walk and the beautiful dawn inspired me to read about online degree programs, particularly the Devry University review.


People Finder: 2011 Japan Earthquake

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News updates about the tsunami worldwide: CNN

For those who are looking for their friends or family in Japan, Google created an application where you can search their whereabouts.

Go to this website: People Finder: 2011 Japan Earthquake

Let us all pray for the safety of everyone.