to print or not to print

You probably know by now the mishap that happened to our laptop last year when our hard disk drive crashed. I was not able to keep a copy of the photographs I have stored in there. I have been planning for months that I would compile it all into photo books and digital prints but I keep on dilly-dallying and before I knew it, it's already too late.

With all the printing companies left and right, I cannot decide where to have it printed, not to mention that we have a working printer in our home. But since I wanted to keep those photos for a long time, I wanted my photographs to be printed by the professionals.

I know printing is not the only option available out there to secure the copies of my photos. Obviously, creating a back-up copy of files is a must but as you all know, I am procrastinating most of the time so I always forget to back-up my files. It would have saved me a lot of heartaches if I did that in the first place. Some friends suggested that I upload my photos to online photo albums. 

A lot of options to think of, makes me wonder if I should do all three instead.

Do you print your photographs or upload them to an online photo album?

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  1. OH!!GOD this is very bad I hate this situation when we lost our all precious photos,because the pictures is the only thing to remember our memories,I am sorry to listen it.
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