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...for a new project.
This mom is busy running after the hyper munchkin then doing some crochet on her down time. Reading some books here and there. But mostly staying at home bonding over cartoons and trying to have some reading time with the little one. Trying being the operative word. We're getting there but for now, she entertains me with her babbles as she mimics my talking and pretend reading.
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A Night with Basyang

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Thank God for small miracles. We survived the strong winds of Typhoon Basyang. However, my father-in-law's van was not that lucky. A wayward steel roof hit the van's carrier and left it quite unhinged from the van's roof. But still lucky enough that it didn't hit the glass windows. It scared the crap out of me when I though it was our roof that flew and hit my in-law's van. Talk about not sleeping the whole night. We lost our electricity around 11 pm. Add the darkness to the strong winds and a history of being a victim of Mother Nature, let's just say that sleep was the last thing in my mind.

When the storm calmed down, I stumble into a restless sleep.


Rainy days are here

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I have to admit, tropical storms are starting to give me a scare. Ever since the unfortunate attack of one of the most deadliest typhoons in the Pacific for 2009, experiencing Typhoon Ondoy still remain as one of the scariest events of my life. Crossing flooded waters on your own can be quite scary, but doing so while carrying an 8-month old baby, it's terrifying even if I'm a good swimmer, which I'm not.

I'm praying and really hoping that I won't have to experience another flooded typhoon in my lifetime, especially now that we have Storm Signal No. 1 in Metro Manila for Typhoon Basyang,

Satelite image (left) around 2pm.

Real time weather update by PAG-ASA

More details in Yahoo! News.