A Little Girl's Thoughts

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I was eating siomai when a little girl, about 2 or 3 years of age sat beside me together with her mom. She seems to be a typical makulit kid and she seemed to like what I was eating so she approached me. We indulged in a small talk and her mom keeps on interupting us. But this is the most interesting part:

Me: How old are you? Ilang taon ka na? (I asked both in English and Filipino, just in case)
Little Girl: 21.
Me: 21? *shocked and asked in a semi-high pitched voice*
Little Girl: Uhuh. *touched my arm for my attention, opened her mouth and showed a piece of tubed ice*
Me: Wow ice!
Me: Nag-debut ka na?
Little Girl: Debut. *was caught up in her thought for a while but didn't continue talking*
Me:Gusto mo picture? (You want to have your photo taken?)
Little Girl: *sat on the table and crossed her legs*

Haha! I love her!

I asked K-kun to take her photo but she turned into a shy girl when she saw him. Scary K-kun!

But where the heck did she get that attitude? I would be scared if my future daughter would act that way.


Meme Day

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1. Today is:
♫ Monday, 25 February 2008

2. I should be:
♫ starting on the PSP crocheted pouch

3. The last text message I received was from:
♫ a classmate in high school.

4. And it said:
♫ Didn't read because it's only a forwarded message.

5. I am currently pissed off because:
♫ I'd like to do many things and none of them can only be made possible if I spend a lot of money on it.

6. My cellphone rings and the song that's playing is:
♫ None. It's on vibrate mode.

7. I would love to see:
♫ Incubus, face to face.

8. If I could change my last name, it would be:
♫ Corbito.

9. After work, I love to:
♫ Wander around malls.

10 . My favorite subject is:
♫ Bookkeeping, Accountancy, Computer and PE, all of them are in high school.

11. I liked yesterday because:
♫ There were loads of manga to read.

12. But I still sort of didn't because:
♫ There are no available scanlations for downloads.

13. My favorite song right now would have to be:
♫ Snow Patrol's Shut your eyes

14. I sometimes forget to:
♫ All the ideas that I thought of while taking a bath.

15. I currently have a crush on:
♫ Oguri Shun

16. My favorite number/s would have to be:
♫ Three.

17. When I'm in a bad mood, it's better to just:
♫ not to piss me off even more.

18. I really can't stand:
♫ People playing dumb and acting cool.

19. I'd break up with my boyfriend/girl friend right away if:
♫ He cheated on me.

20. If I were to get stuck in an elevator with someone, it would have to be:
♫ Oguri Shun.

21. I'd really like to improve my skills on:
♫ Making money and finishing things.

22 . The last thing that wasn't food that I bought with my own money is:
♫ Moleskine Red Pocket Planner, I bought mostly food for us with my money and K-kun bought our things with his money.

23. The name of the street where I live is:
♫ Osmundo de Guzman Street

24. I have never ridden:
♫ Any aircraft

25. If I won the lottery, the first thing I would do is:
♫ Claim the money, haha! Celebrate then buy myself a house and lot.

26. One bad habit of mine is:
♫ Procrastination.

27. I go out to:
♫ Go on dates with K-kun and meet some friends and family.

28. I am very attached to:
♫ the computer and the PSP.

29. One friend who is not from my college is:
♫ Kathy-chan.

30. I am currently stressed because:
♫ I need to earn money to fulfill all my dreams.



Let's eat!

I love Japanese food! And it's just recently that I have the courage to try making one. I cooked kare raisu (curry rice) for K-kun on our 5th Anniversary. This is the first time his family tried Japanese food (would you believe?) and my first time cooking Japanese curry. The dish is so easy I wondered why I only tried it now.

And just this week, his mom asked me to cook my dish. I told them it's beef curry but they would still refer it as your dish. It's quite understandable because here in the Philippines, we have a known dish called Chicken Curry wherein we use Indian curry (which is yellow in color) instead of the Japanese curry which is brown in color. This time, I made sure to take a photo of it.

I'm just so proud of it! The beef is tender, same with the potatoes and carrots. and I love the sweetness of the carrots. I'm still perfecting the consistency of the sauce but the taste is so awesome K-kun couldn't help but hug me non-stop. I'll have to try beef curry in other restaurants to compare what still need to be done to perfect the taste of this dish.

Next kitchen experiment will be korokke!



Ohayo gozaimasu!

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Good morning minna-san!

Contrary to what I have written in my About page, I didn't do anything productive for the past weeks that I've been gone. No crocheting, no sewing, no paper folding or whatsoever. Though January is the month opening the year, I have actually closed my doors to some things connected to my life.

First, I resigned in my job because I feel that I was not properly compensated despite the extra effort of going to work at 3am. Though I miss my friends whom I've met there, cutting my ties with company doesn't mean that I am forgetting all the memories I've shared with them, no matter how short it is.

Lastly, I closed some of my specialized blogs because I can't really update all of it. At least now, I only have three blogs left though my reason for not updating this blog is due to the fact that I haven't done anything productive in the past weeks.

Anyway, February has been good to me. K-kun and I celebrated our 5th year anniversary and did something new. We had a guided tour + food trip in my hometown's Chinatown. There are so many things that I discovered and so many wonderful dishes that I tried (which is actually my primary intention for signing up for the tour.) Would you believe that I spent 24 years of my life there and haven't really explored that part of Manila?

And finally, my dream come true!

We acquired this baby on February 14th. Who needs flowers on Valentines Day? Definitely not me!