Ohayo gozaimasu!

Good morning minna-san!

Contrary to what I have written in my About page, I didn't do anything productive for the past weeks that I've been gone. No crocheting, no sewing, no paper folding or whatsoever. Though January is the month opening the year, I have actually closed my doors to some things connected to my life.

First, I resigned in my job because I feel that I was not properly compensated despite the extra effort of going to work at 3am. Though I miss my friends whom I've met there, cutting my ties with company doesn't mean that I am forgetting all the memories I've shared with them, no matter how short it is.

Lastly, I closed some of my specialized blogs because I can't really update all of it. At least now, I only have three blogs left though my reason for not updating this blog is due to the fact that I haven't done anything productive in the past weeks.

Anyway, February has been good to me. K-kun and I celebrated our 5th year anniversary and did something new. We had a guided tour + food trip in my hometown's Chinatown. There are so many things that I discovered and so many wonderful dishes that I tried (which is actually my primary intention for signing up for the tour.) Would you believe that I spent 24 years of my life there and haven't really explored that part of Manila?

And finally, my dream come true!

We acquired this baby on February 14th. Who needs flowers on Valentines Day? Definitely not me!

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  1. Ay naku, why did they give you such an abnormal schedule?
    Anyway, if you can come up with a business of your own, mabuti pa yun. You could use your camera and your creativity, and maybe your other skills (like crochet?), to earn money.
    Happy Anniversary! You are lucky, not everyone has true love ;)


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