A Little Girl's Thoughts

I was eating siomai when a little girl, about 2 or 3 years of age sat beside me together with her mom. She seems to be a typical makulit kid and she seemed to like what I was eating so she approached me. We indulged in a small talk and her mom keeps on interupting us. But this is the most interesting part:

Me: How old are you? Ilang taon ka na? (I asked both in English and Filipino, just in case)
Little Girl: 21.
Me: 21? *shocked and asked in a semi-high pitched voice*
Little Girl: Uhuh. *touched my arm for my attention, opened her mouth and showed a piece of tubed ice*
Me: Wow ice!
Me: Nag-debut ka na?
Little Girl: Debut. *was caught up in her thought for a while but didn't continue talking*
Me:Gusto mo picture? (You want to have your photo taken?)
Little Girl: *sat on the table and crossed her legs*

Haha! I love her!

I asked K-kun to take her photo but she turned into a shy girl when she saw him. Scary K-kun!

But where the heck did she get that attitude? I would be scared if my future daughter would act that way.

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  1. That's why I don't talk to strangers ;)
    Btw, are you still working on your projects? I bought some japanese crochet books at National, too many cute projects...I don't know where to start :p


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