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just when you are joining the edges together and you realized that you're missing one stitch and that stitch has been missing since half of that part of the project.
great, just great.



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one reason to be thankful for a wonderful day...

have a great one everyone!


knitted washcloths wip

i can't believe that i am really knitting now. even if it's just a washcloth, it is still knitted and loving any minute of it! the tips of my fingers are no longer sore. also learned that i'm knitting the american/english way. i tried knitting the continental way but can't do it any longer, i'm already used to holding the yarn on my right hand with knitting. wonder how it would turn out if i pick up the hook again?

anyway, here's the very first knitting project that's keeping me busy now.

after this, i'll be holding the hook again, you know, just in case i forget how to crochet, haha, as if! plus i have a lot of crocheted wips and still not forgetting it. whenever i look at my projects page in ravelry, i always remind myself to work fast on the washcloth so i can move on with the shrug and the moon pillow. then knit another washcloth then crochet a blanket. whoa, it sounds a lot, well it is a lot but what else can a pregnant lady do but keep her hands busy. at least i'm not moping or anything, haha!


7DSB projects + Knitting lessons

I made another set of my pattern, this time in variegated orange color.

And here is Mimi's red version. (Thanks for the correction in the pattern!)


I never thought that it would be sooner for me to learn how to knit. Thanks to Mona (a knitter buddy I met in Ravelry) for sharing some YouTube links about some great tutorials. I am happy to announce that I'm a self-taught knitter, LOL! Luckily I already bought a pair of knitting needles last year in Craft World. The bad thing is I don't know the size of the needles and it's only 7 inches long. I can only make washcloths with these needles but I don't mind at all, I think it's a great project for newbie knitters such as myself. I'm not sure if it's normal for newbies but I swear the tips of my index fingers are sore now because of the needles. Is it always so?


Week 28: Tummy Shots

I was in the mood for pictures because it rained a while ago. But it stopped suddenly and the afternoon heat is back spoiling my mood.

Anyway, here's my tummy/Baby Ichi's recent photo at 28 weeks. Still need to gain more weight, I'm only 113 lbs based on my first bi-monthly checkup last week.

And here's my view. This shot made me adjust a little so I could capture some of my toes. I can't see anything else down there. My nephew once told me that he can only see my eyes from down there, haha!

random 005

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buttered toasts and sunny side up eggs are the best for...

midnight snacks!

what's in your plate today?


Free Pattern: 7-Days Summer Bracelet

Living in the Philippines is like living in summer your whole life. Except of course for the occasional rainy months when we’re bombarded with typhoons left and right. Other than that, and if we are lucky, we have a month of two of cold weather, thank the monsoon wind traveling from the Antarctic to Southeast Asia.
You probably all know what goes well with summer, less is more. So I made this accessory for your daily wear. All day, all night, in the whole of seven days, all year round! Do not fret, this is so easy to make, you can make dozens in a matter of time you can’t possibly think of. You can easily wash it if it gets dirty then you can wear it over and over again. You can make this in different colors to match every outfit you have in your wardrobe. Or you can wear two different colored bracelets at the same time for that extra spunk!

7-Days Summer Bracelet
Design by: Gennie Pascual - Corbito
Level: Beginner
Size: 2cm x 15 cm
cotton crochet thread size 8
2.50 mm crochet hook
blunt eye needle
stitch marker
ch = chain; sc = single crochet; sk = skip
R1: ch 51 (mark the 5th ch); leave about 25 cm. tail to be used for attaching the button later; turn.
R2: sc on the 2nd ch from hook and in each of the next 4 ch; ch 40; sk 40 ch; sc on the 5th ch of R1 and in each of the next 4 ch; (10 sc 40 ch)
R3: ch1, turn; sc on the 1st sc and in each of the next 4 sc; ch 40; sk 40 ch; sc on the 5th sc of the previous row and in each of the next 4 sc. (10 sc 40 ch)
R4-R7: repeat R3
Button hole: working on side of the rows, ch 1; sc on the end of R7; ch 5 (make adjustments according to the size of your button); sc on the end of R1; fasten off.
Attach the button using the 25 cm tail threaded into the blunt eye needle. Make sure that the button is placed in R4.
Adjustments and Fitting:
Ideally, the fitting should be the size of your wrist around plus enough space for a finger. To make adjustments, you may increase or decrease the number of chains in the middle of the bracelet.
You may follow this simple equation for adjustments:
5 chains + 40 chains (may be adjusted) + (5+1) chains

Designer Notes:
This is a free pattern by Gennie Pascual, also known as Gene of gene + experiments blog (http://gene-experiments.blogspot.com.) I reserve the copyrights to this pattern and/or instructions which mean you cannot reprint or distribute this elsewhere without my written consent. You can make lots of this bracelet and give as gifts but you cannot sell it. In short, the written instructions, photograph, design and pattern are intended for personal, non-commercial use only.
If you have questions regarding this pattern or violent reactions maybe, feel free to contact me here. If you love my work, please let me know, I would love to see it!

Have fun!

More details in Ravelry.


Julie Cuff + Shrug WIP

After a 10 minute bi-monthly checkup with my OB, I met up with my sister Gena and his son Kurt in Gateway, Cubao. My sister and the discriminating nephew had lunch in World Chicken while I went ahead and ordered some nachos and cheesy potatoes in Taco Bell. Nope, those ain't my lunch, they are my first batch of snacks. Then we headed to Dairy Queen for a dose of DQ Sandwich, which reminded us of Funwich minus the chocolate coating in our younger years. I think Kurt got so bored with the adult talk, he busied himself looking at the construction site going on outside of the mall so I decided to give him a ride and redeem a prize for him in Timezone. And yep, I got him a construction truck set which he really adored because he started talking to me after giving him the toy! Oh, kids!

I feel so inspired after going out with them, I immediately worked into a small project by Robyn Chachula, Julie Cuff as soon as I got home.

I'm out of buttons so I made a crocheted tie to use as an enclosure.

I just love making small projects and was so inspired by my little discriminating nephew (because I'm pregnant) who only calls me by my first name, I finally made a decent pattern of my own! But you dear ones have to be patient with me, as I've said I'm out of buttons and this particular pattern of mine will be needing at least one as a closure.

Enough of the small projects, the biggest item in my WIP box is this lovely shrug by Mimi Alelis. I love the lace work of the pattern and it's really not that hard. This is what keeps me busy most of the time.



how do you cut
your toe nails
while heavy with your child?


Shell Bag

Something I made over the weekend...

This is by far the most difficult project I've ever done. But that won't stop me in finishing it. Spent my weekend nights finishing this little cutie and it's all worth the exhaustion over the edging. This is a pattern by Mutsuko Kishi from Keito Dama Spring 2008. I think this will be my favorite bag from now on. It's spacious enough for my Moleskine pocket planner, pre-natal record book, bulky wallet, cellphone, keys and pens. My only regret is not lining it. The lining should be made before doing the edging but working mostly at night doesn't give me enough daylight time to go to the store and buy some fabric but I love the bag, lining or no lining.

When I showed this baby to my brother's girlfriend, she wanted it herself! There's no way she's gonna make me give this to her, haha! She always wanted my bags anyway, like my tote bag from TeamManila so I offered if she really want it, she'll have to buy the yarns. She said yes, so I think I'll be needing another visit to the craft store to buy some yarns/threads in her choice of color.

If you're in Ravelry, please visit my page for more info regarding this Shell Bag.


Up Dharma Down - Bipolar Launch

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The much awaited second album of one of my favorite local bands will be launched on October 24, 8PM at the Hexagon Lounge, RCBC Plaza, Makati. Brought to you again by Terno Recordings.

For more details, visit www.updharmadown.com or their MySpace.

Here's their latest video from their first album Fragmented.

6th Australian Film Festival

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11 – 15 October Gateway Cineplex 10, Araneta Center (P80 admission fee)
16 – 18 October Ayala Onstage, Ayala Center Cebu (free admission)

Visit the Australian Embassy website for the screening schedule.


Official Twilight Trailer

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waking up early on a cold rainy morning could never been better than today.


baby ichi's mittens

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a preview...

random 004

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ugh, back pains!


Lost in the Woods by Bettyninja

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I've been a photography enthusiast myself and been neglecting that part of me now since I became heavy with our first child. So I'm stuck here with a laptop and have endless amount of time reading one blog post to another, that is if I'm not busy re-reading the Twilight series.

To the Top by Bettyninja
(one of my favorites in her collection)

One blog led to another. Finding myself amazed at these vintage looking photographs. I know I wouldn't be able to just shut up and keep this as a secret. vintage + photographs = pure bliss.

Lost Gnome by Bettyninja
(this reminded me of my favorite French film Amelie)

She's using a viewfinder, a treasure I want to keep one myself if only I have a chance. And what more luck can I ask for, Bettyninja recently opened her shop named Lost in the Woods showcasing her wonderful photographs. That's not all, she also gave us a chance to get a hold of her prints through a giveaway! Yay! I'm crossing my fingers now.
Sunflower by Bettyninja
(Reminds me of a place I missed so much, something to make one smile)

Twilight Soundtrack

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New release date of the Twilight Soundtrack: November 4, 2008

Listen to Paramore's Decode, official single from the soundtrack in Stephenie Meyer's site.

Gah! They sure know how to make a fan go crazy over and over again.

Baby Mittens

While Baby Ichi is busy kicking mommy's ribs painfully, I finally decided to let go of re-reading (for the nth time) The Twilight Series and pick-up that dusty hook and new ball of white cotton thread to make something for the little kicker.

These mittens are based on Mimi's free pattern and the same goes for the star appliques. I chose red, a unisex color, as a contrasting color because we still don't know the gender of the nudger.

The pattern is so easy you can whip up this pair in a short span of time and actually make lots of it. I think I'll be needing more practice again with the hook, my stitches are a bit too tight for me. If you have Ravelry account, do check out my page for more details about this project.


It's about time...

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...to pick-up that dusty hook!