knitted washcloths wip

i can't believe that i am really knitting now. even if it's just a washcloth, it is still knitted and loving any minute of it! the tips of my fingers are no longer sore. also learned that i'm knitting the american/english way. i tried knitting the continental way but can't do it any longer, i'm already used to holding the yarn on my right hand with knitting. wonder how it would turn out if i pick up the hook again?

anyway, here's the very first knitting project that's keeping me busy now.

after this, i'll be holding the hook again, you know, just in case i forget how to crochet, haha, as if! plus i have a lot of crocheted wips and still not forgetting it. whenever i look at my projects page in ravelry, i always remind myself to work fast on the washcloth so i can move on with the shrug and the moon pillow. then knit another washcloth then crochet a blanket. whoa, it sounds a lot, well it is a lot but what else can a pregnant lady do but keep her hands busy. at least i'm not moping or anything, haha!


  1. Your stitches look so uniform. Wanna come show me how it's done? Mine are all too tight and look funky.
    77 more days? Time sure is flying!!

  2. Thank you Jana! I may not be able to show how I do it BUT I can show where I learned... through youtube (courtesy of mona/knittipina)!


    yup, time is running fast, I'm getting more excited for the D-day!

  3. You're doing VERY WELL!!! I think I should give you a baby cardie pattern already... hehehe. (They knit well on straight needles.)

  4. You really think so Mona?

    After finishing this washcloth, I've been inching to make some diaper covers but can't because of my straight needles. Hopefully we'll be able to go to Megamall next week for the ultrasound and at the same time buy those Milward needles!


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