Lost in the Woods by Bettyninja

I've been a photography enthusiast myself and been neglecting that part of me now since I became heavy with our first child. So I'm stuck here with a laptop and have endless amount of time reading one blog post to another, that is if I'm not busy re-reading the Twilight series.

To the Top by Bettyninja
(one of my favorites in her collection)

One blog led to another. Finding myself amazed at these vintage looking photographs. I know I wouldn't be able to just shut up and keep this as a secret. vintage + photographs = pure bliss.

Lost Gnome by Bettyninja
(this reminded me of my favorite French film Amelie)

She's using a viewfinder, a treasure I want to keep one myself if only I have a chance. And what more luck can I ask for, Bettyninja recently opened her shop named Lost in the Woods showcasing her wonderful photographs. That's not all, she also gave us a chance to get a hold of her prints through a giveaway! Yay! I'm crossing my fingers now.
Sunflower by Bettyninja
(Reminds me of a place I missed so much, something to make one smile)

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