Julie Cuff + Shrug WIP

After a 10 minute bi-monthly checkup with my OB, I met up with my sister Gena and his son Kurt in Gateway, Cubao. My sister and the discriminating nephew had lunch in World Chicken while I went ahead and ordered some nachos and cheesy potatoes in Taco Bell. Nope, those ain't my lunch, they are my first batch of snacks. Then we headed to Dairy Queen for a dose of DQ Sandwich, which reminded us of Funwich minus the chocolate coating in our younger years. I think Kurt got so bored with the adult talk, he busied himself looking at the construction site going on outside of the mall so I decided to give him a ride and redeem a prize for him in Timezone. And yep, I got him a construction truck set which he really adored because he started talking to me after giving him the toy! Oh, kids!

I feel so inspired after going out with them, I immediately worked into a small project by Robyn Chachula, Julie Cuff as soon as I got home.

I'm out of buttons so I made a crocheted tie to use as an enclosure.

I just love making small projects and was so inspired by my little discriminating nephew (because I'm pregnant) who only calls me by my first name, I finally made a decent pattern of my own! But you dear ones have to be patient with me, as I've said I'm out of buttons and this particular pattern of mine will be needing at least one as a closure.

Enough of the small projects, the biggest item in my WIP box is this lovely shrug by Mimi Alelis. I love the lace work of the pattern and it's really not that hard. This is what keeps me busy most of the time.


  1. Nice job! Small projects always save the day ;)
    Would you try Cherri Mancini's filigree bookmark? I used mine as a bracelet.
    I also want a shrug in black, but I've done that pattern for at least four times already! Only one was mine, the purple one.
    I'll be on the lookout for your finished shrug ;)

  2. As soon as I've seen your FO with that filigree bookmark, I wanted to make one as a bracelet as well, haha! That will be in my side projects one of these days...


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