Week 28: Tummy Shots

I was in the mood for pictures because it rained a while ago. But it stopped suddenly and the afternoon heat is back spoiling my mood.

Anyway, here's my tummy/Baby Ichi's recent photo at 28 weeks. Still need to gain more weight, I'm only 113 lbs based on my first bi-monthly checkup last week.

And here's my view. This shot made me adjust a little so I could capture some of my toes. I can't see anything else down there. My nephew once told me that he can only see my eyes from down there, haha!


  1. Looking good Gene! I think at this time you would naturally want to eat more, and weight gain just happens.

  2. i am actually making an effort to eat extra now. i had snack after three hours after the main meal, that is if my hands are not busy. for the past few nights, i've been eating two buttered toasts and two fried eggs for midnight snack. :D


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