Mellow Yellow Monday: Una = Yellow


My first try with the blog meme Mellow Yellow Monday. You'll probably have noticed it before, or maybe not. Usually baby girls are assigned the color pink and blue for boys. Personally, I like earth tones, so that's mostly brown then the safety of black and white. But I think with my little girl, yellow suits her well. See for yourself. ;)

Tom's World in SM Fairview

Her home clothes

Even some of her toys are yellow.

What's do you think is the perfect color for your kid? Or even for yourself?


Summer music

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A bit early for Music Monday? Maybe so. But with the kind of heat we're currently experiencing, music and e-books are my usual companion, those two and lots of cold water. This song by Corrine Bailey Rae is one of my favorite song to listen to during the summer and I love the video. Makes me want to think of going back home to provinces and telling you that life is easy. Unfortunately, we don't have a province and home has always been the city.

What's your favorite summer music?


Where was I?


Oh, yeah. I was busy being emo for the last couple of days. I blame it to heat, hormones and broken promises. Not my favorite week, really.

What sucks is that I can't do anything about it. Unless you can suggest a remedy for my delayed period which is pretty much giving me cramps all day long for the past week. Not to mention the boxes of tampons taunting me. I decided to stock up on those little bishes whenever I have the chance because you'll never know how it goes with the tampon supply here. Just like when I had Ms. Flow last month and there's the scarcity of tampons and have to suffer through the awkward feeling of having always damp pad all day long no matter how super absorbent said pad is, but lo and behold after Ms. Flow's departure I found them stocked up in Watson's. Such a pain, I'm telling you.

I wonder if I should go back on the pill. I love the non-Ms Flow visits last year BUT I hate the headaches and falling hair and more messed hormones. So, that's a no.

Anyway, I'll stop my bish-y rambling now. I just want to let you know I'm still alive, just pretending to be busy while staking my friends in FB.


Thank you Spot.PH

I won, I won, I won!

Amazing how it took me two weeks to keep this secret inside. I have to wait for the Holy Week to end then forgot about it for another week then DK have to claim it because his building is just across Spot.PH's office. I won some premium items from their Cop Out Promo.

The contest is about an action movie starring Bruce Willis so it is expected that the shirt and the hat came in mens sizes. DK said that I can wear it to sleep because the shirt is so soft but I told him that he can keep it since I am already wearing most of his shirts from Team Manila that are too small for him.

If only I still have the shirt I won from MTV Asia, I can start a collection of won t-shirts. DK and I both received a Collateral t-shirt from them.


These shoes are made for walking

mommy momentsFriday means Mommy Moments day. Technically, it's already a Saturday in my side of the world but it's still Friday in the other side so let's just pretend that we are sharing the same timezone. This week's theme for Mommy Moments is all about shoes.

With Una growing fast, I realized early on that spending money on baby shoes is a total waste. So whenever it's time for Una to have her shoes change, we made sure that we buy her stuff on a discounted price We decided that it's best to have her wear a generic kind of shoes that will match most of her clothes. Even if sometimes I obsess over the shoes of celebrity babies like Shiloh and Suri, I know that it's just not practical. On her first 6 months, she wore white crib shoes then when she started walking she wore a pair of black Nike shoes that we bought on sale. Said shoes is still in it's perfect condition but there is no longer enough for Una's growing feet and soon to be passed on to her cousin Flee. On Christmas last year, my sister-in-law from Singapore gifted Una a pair of pink Crocs and it's been her favorite pair since then,  not to mention that her favorite character Dora also appears on that shoe.


Mommy and Me

Mommies and soon to be moms are invited to attend the free seminar on baby care by Philips Avent entitled Mommy and Me. This event is on April 17, 2010 at the level 2 Atrium, Robinsons Department Store - Galleria. If you failed to attend Joyful Parenting last March, here is your chance to meet moms and learn more about pregnancy, breastfeeding and taking care of our babies.

Admission is free but pre-registration is a must. You'll also get the chance to receive a gift pack similar to what I received from their previous seminar. Oh, and don't get me started on their raffle prizes.

To register, kindly email your name and number to avent@ljs.com.ph. or call 7139435 to 38 loc.130/134/143 and look for Jenny or Rina for more details.


Thank you Entredroppers!

I should have posted this earlier this week but for some reason my blogging mojo was in vacation mode. Actually, it still is but I don't want to be an ungrateful b so I kicked my self in the butt (kind of difficult if you'll ask me) to get my groove back and honor these wonderful people who spent some time visiting my blog even if it's just to drop some Entrecard but I appreciate it still, so thank you!

Wordle: thanks


The not-so Holy Week

Our Holy Week was rather uneventful. We didn't do anything religious but we made up for lots of family time. DK and I decided to visit the park/playground near Marikina Riverbanks for Una. Talk about so much fun for her. She got dirty because of the sandy soil but she definitely had a lot of fun running around the park and even said hello to some mommies there. One thing I noticed about Una is that she loved following the kids who are running around the park. But with her small body and not yet balanced walk, she has the tendency to fall down a lot but we are so quick to catch her before she even made scratches on herself.

For some reason, Una didn't like touching the wall. She held on tightly unto DK's hands and used her feet and legs to incline the wall on the left photo. Obviously, she had no qualms with the slide. She thoroughly enjoyed it if I may say so, with the seesaw, not so much. 


Unplanned Visit

Wednesday morning was hard for us. Una was having a hard time sleeping and she's been crying all night and we couldn't make her stop. She would insist on going out and knock on her Grandparents room. After having a short walk outside, we attempted to put her back to sleep but she would just start crying again once she noticed that we're heading inside. So I figured a drive would help her sleep, then I decided to have a change of scenery for once and made an impromptu visit to Papa's house in Manila. Good thing he was still home and was able to handle his dog Popeye.

Una holding my old Japanese phrasebook while watching TV