Thank you Entredroppers!

I should have posted this earlier this week but for some reason my blogging mojo was in vacation mode. Actually, it still is but I don't want to be an ungrateful b so I kicked my self in the butt (kind of difficult if you'll ask me) to get my groove back and honor these wonderful people who spent some time visiting my blog even if it's just to drop some Entrecard but I appreciate it still, so thank you!

Wordle: thanks

Dropper # of drops
Laane on the World 27
I Love-Hate America 24
Wirez and Circuitz 21
Jean sQuared 21
Grampys World 19
Greetje greets You 18
Laane Loves 17
Ask Ms Recipe 16
My Life's Perception and Inspiration 16
The Everyday Adventurer 15

I've been experimenting with different ways to so shamelessly plug my blog. So far Adgitize and Entrecard gave the best results. I placed an ad in Adgitize last month and this month is for Entrecard. They gave the same result with site visits, the only difference is that I have some sort of rebate with Adgitize with my ad payment while Entrecard is totally free but the additional site visits were wholly dependent on my blog hopping ways.I am yet to try them both and will let you know once I have experience on that matter.

Also, as a thank you to those who made the effort to actually read my posts and shared their views, I've put up a widget for my top 10 commentators (see left sidebar.) It links back to the url you left with your comments so it also serves as a link love. Now don't be shy, feel free to continually share your views but please, no spammers.

Thank you Jonette of The Hobby Horse for being the most chikadora!

PhotobucketLastly, please join me in honoring one lovely gal for being one of the top Entredroppers and gracing the # 2 spot as a a top commentator, Dhemz! *applause* *applause* *applause*

Dhemz, please email me your mailing address so I can send you a more personal thank you note.


  1. waaaaaaaaaa.....super flattered naman ako dito...nahiya tuloy ako sau Gene....lol!

    you are very much welcome dear...thanks din for dropping and commenting on my page....:) much appreciated!

    congrats to the top 10.....:)

    gosh, sensya na talaga at ngayon lang ako napadpad....lol....:)

  2. Hi sis, I am your newest follower today from MM. Enjoyed reading your blog :)


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