These shoes are made for walking

mommy momentsFriday means Mommy Moments day. Technically, it's already a Saturday in my side of the world but it's still Friday in the other side so let's just pretend that we are sharing the same timezone. This week's theme for Mommy Moments is all about shoes.

With Una growing fast, I realized early on that spending money on baby shoes is a total waste. So whenever it's time for Una to have her shoes change, we made sure that we buy her stuff on a discounted price We decided that it's best to have her wear a generic kind of shoes that will match most of her clothes. Even if sometimes I obsess over the shoes of celebrity babies like Shiloh and Suri, I know that it's just not practical. On her first 6 months, she wore white crib shoes then when she started walking she wore a pair of black Nike shoes that we bought on sale. Said shoes is still in it's perfect condition but there is no longer enough for Una's growing feet and soon to be passed on to her cousin Flee. On Christmas last year, my sister-in-law from Singapore gifted Una a pair of pink Crocs and it's been her favorite pair since then,  not to mention that her favorite character Dora also appears on that shoe.

Because I missed the previous posting of Mommy Moments last week's topic moving up, I'll just share with you Una's introduction with crayons.

These crayons are recommended for 2 years and above but I'd like to develop Una's skills as early as possible, I made sure that these crayons are non-toxic. They are by Crayola and is really, really cheap, less than Php 50. Una's writing pad were the empty pages of my current Starbucks Planner. And methinks Una is a leftie. We would give the crayons to her right hand and then she will move it to her left hand, DK and I are both right-handed.

Any advice on how to teach her how to write in the future?

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  1. Thanks so much for finding me & your sweet comments! I'm your newest follower!


  2. wow sis same sila ni rob ko.. dora crocs :) and just wanted to share, just let Una hold the crayon using any of her hands that she prefer. usually later stage pa natin madidiscover if they are leftie. u will even see her switch hands easily. just let her, ma coconfuse yun motor skills nia if you train her what to use :)

  3. I am a new friend from the FF. Hope to see you over at my place sometime. Come by and enter to win in my giveaway and become a new follower.


  4. awww ang cute naman ni Una..

    Am a little late for my entry, but here is their shoes.. then and now, hope to see you and have a great weekend!

  5. Hi there! We had the same policy when my son was a toddler. 1 generic shoe and sandal and on sale. For gifts, if possible I always request it to be the next size available.

    My son's dominant hand was also left but when he started coloring/doodling, my dad told us to move the crayon to the right (around 2 y.o.) He's been right handed eversince, even in playing basketball. Although, there's nothing wrong with being a leftie..

  6. Hi there..following you from Friday Follow! I hope you will follow me back!

  7. crocs nanaman hehehe, that's one of my list to buy now. lots of mommies I heard today it's comfortable for the feet. George will probably like em once he learns how to walk. Cute si Una, sis! Happy MM!

  8. How cute of Una. Ey sis, are u going to iblog6 this weekend?

  9. welcome back! :D i hope you can join us again this week! see you!

  10. Sosyal si Una nag Nike na! :D


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