The not-so Holy Week

Our Holy Week was rather uneventful. We didn't do anything religious but we made up for lots of family time. DK and I decided to visit the park/playground near Marikina Riverbanks for Una. Talk about so much fun for her. She got dirty because of the sandy soil but she definitely had a lot of fun running around the park and even said hello to some mommies there. One thing I noticed about Una is that she loved following the kids who are running around the park. But with her small body and not yet balanced walk, she has the tendency to fall down a lot but we are so quick to catch her before she even made scratches on herself.

For some reason, Una didn't like touching the wall. She held on tightly unto DK's hands and used her feet and legs to incline the wall on the left photo. Obviously, she had no qualms with the slide. She thoroughly enjoyed it if I may say so, with the seesaw, not so much. 

On Easter Sunday, we went back to Papa's house in Manila. I pretty sure I gained some pounds as soon as I stepped inside that house. He cooked Bistek Tagalog and my brother Geony brought Pancit Canton with delicious soup from Akik. It was late lunch when we arrived in Manila and we were starving, we devoured the food but then realized that I forgot to take photos of the food.  My brother and I enjoyed the food that we ate another batch of rice and Bistek Tagalog for late afternoon snack, not to mention the ice cream we brought for the real afternoon snack. 

We were supposed to go to a birthday party on Sunday afternoon but Una was so exhausted she fell asleep just when we were about to leave so we spent the rest of the afternoon taking advantage of Papa's wonderful entertainment system. Notice how big Popeye is compared to Una?

How was your Holy Week?


  1. we were near Riverbanks before, way before SM mall was placed there. :) at least sissy, Una is not shy around kids unlike my little one.

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend :) Maybe you should take your daughter more often to the park seeing how much she enjoyed it :)

  3. it was i guess an enjoyable event for ur baby.

  4. my gosh...ahhahah...natatawa ako sa last pic...korek! mas malaki pa pala si popeye kay Una....lol....cute tingnan...looks like his guarding Una while sleeping...how cute....:)

    ay nako, handful na si Una...malikot ang ganyang age....kaya wag mag shorts...ehehhe.....:) baka magasgas ang flawless na skin....:)

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    Micael :D


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