Day 001

Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu!
Manigong Bagong Taon!
Happy New Year!

Welcome to circa 2008!

Panda + Neko Meeting

I briefly mentioned my meeting with my bestfriend in my previous post and here's the photoblog of that meeting.

Photos courtesy of Kathy-chan.

Bubble Juice, SM Megamall

Neko and I met in SM Megamall so I can treat her in Bubble Juice. It's my turn to treat her and I wanted to try Bubble Juice, as usual mine is coffee flavored. We also had Beef Curry Korokke and Tamago Maki.

Dream Yarns, Glorietta

Visited their shop to check if they still have the dyelot for the yarn I am currently using for my C3 project, no such luck. But Neko and I were so fascinated with the knitted scarf they had on display. That's me with my new hair and modeling the scarf for Neko. The piece of paper I'm holding in the photo was their flyer for the tutorials they're offering. I am going to enroll for a knitting class next payday, woohoo!

Yamazaki, Little Tokyo

Our last stop will be Yamazaki for dinner. We're actually planning of eating Okinomiyaki for dinner but the restaurant is closed for the night so we tried the Onigiri in Yamazaki. The rice balls we're so delicious and it has Salmon inside. Neko had Squid Tempura and I had Korokke for the second time. I just loved Korokke, blame me hahaha! I'll definitely go back for their Onigiri, it's just amazing.

Magazines + Fabric

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Yesterday was so fun! I met Kathy-chan, a friend from my previous employment and we ate from one Japanese restaurant to another. But before that, I received my gift to myself, a Moleskine (mol-a-skeen-a) Red Limited Edition Twin Set of Weekly Diary + Notebook! I am loving my new planner plus the red color of the set matches my favorite Nike bag.

And again I was blessed with a couple of Japanese craft books from my Santa and was lucky enough to get a hold of Adorn Summer and Spring 2007 and Crochet Today! July/August 2007 in Booksale. I was so glad because I love the patterns I've seen in Ravelry in that particular Crochet Today! release. Really looking forward in making those projects as soon as I received the lovely yarns I ordered online.

I must say that my lady luck is working overtime because finally this girl has found a local store selling Japanese fabrics! Woohoo! I only bought a yard because really, I felt foolish enough for buying fabric for a future project when I still haven't found the perfect sewing machine yet.

Short term goal: To find the perfect yet compact sewing machine before January 2008 ends.

Where was I?

Kris and I treated his family to a trip to co-co-cold Tagaytay City to celebrate Christmas and the birthday of his father which is also December 25th. A two-hour drive was cut into only an hour, less traffic of course. As expected, the Picnic Grove was packed and we had a hard time looking for a cottage with a decent view.

We ate a lot, roamed the Eco-trail. Hang-out near the slope. Took silly pictures. Laughed a lot. Ate a lot. Ate Mushroomburgers. Bought souvenirs. Visited a family friend in the city near Tagaytay. Took a lot of fruits home then slept in the van on our way home.

Taal Volcano

Despite the fact that there's a slight drizzle and the cold weather in the park, we made the most of our stay there and spent a lot of time enjoying the view and filling our lungs with fresh air.

How was your Christmas?


Personal Update...

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Curious as to what happened to my two years worth of long hair?

Well, it's been murdered and has been resurrected with me nagging on the background.

Click here for more details: Dear Hair...

Photos are up in my Multiply site, that is if you're interested to know if I look like my Father, my brother or my niece, hahaha!

Meri Kurisumasu Minna-san!

Enjoy the rest of the year and be safe!


Quick Update

It's been so long since I last made an update and now I am making one in a hurry. Anyway, how have you been doing fine folks?

A lot of new things happened before the year end. I've got a new job! It happened so fast and now I'm already in my first vacation in the company. A friend referred me to a huge company, they called me on a Monday, had a schedule for exams and interview on a Wednesday, signed a contract on that same day and attended a New Hire Orientation on a Thursday. So fast I'm still grasping the fact that I am now employed after seven months. But I'm loving it. The people I'm working with during training were so helpful and it was so fun! I'm excited + nervous for the actual work.

Oh, did I say that I received my first pay? Yes, I did! And as soon as I had cash on hand, I went to Dream Yarns in Glorietta and bought three skeins of Lion Brand Cotton-Ease in Teal. I would have bought more if they have more Teal colors, though it looks gray + brown to me.

For now, training is on vacation and it will resume on the 26th of December. Hopefully I'll get to finish my new project with these yarns before the year ends. I'm on my second skein now and I still need to make a special order for these same colors. Really, really looking forward to that.

Lastly, my brother and his family are back home to spend Christmas here in Manila. They're still not used to the way Singaporeans celebrate Christmas. Well, we Filipinos give our all on this wonderful season and we celebrate Christmas longer than anybody else and I think no one can beat that. Three more days before the big day, we'll be off to Tagaytay to spend our Holidays there eating seafoods and enjoying the fresh air. I'm so excited I can't think straight, haha!

Wish me luck, I'm on my way to the salon and will have my two years worth of long hair chop off, well not really, maybe six inches short or even shorter. We'll see.

Enjoy your weekends!


Fan Bookmark

It's done! My first ever bookmark! And yet I am saying goodbye (already?!?) to this lovely bookmark and already on it's way to California together with the Christmas card.

I saw this first in Mimi's blog months ago, the pattern that was shared by one generous Crochetville member named cupcake. She's a very talented mom from Australia and just by looking at those colorful bookmarks made me want to create one myself, and I finally did it. Just in case, this pattern was a total hit in C'ville that I think, almost everyone in the forum made this and now making it's own noise in Ravelry. But if you're not a member of these two wonderful groups, you can go ahead and visit the creator's blog and say thank you after you've made one. I just did it myself.

Pattern: Fan Bookmark by Crochetroo

Well, if you can't crochet but would like to see and have her wonderful creations, go visit her Etsy shop and you might want to add one or two of the items that she have there.

For this project, I used Monaco Cotton Thread Ombre size 8 and 1.75mm steel hook. Most of the bookmarks (like this) are actually required to block with fabric stiffener but we don't have that locally. So I asked my ever dependable crochet buddy Mimi for suggestions and she said that it would work using a mixture of water and glue but the lazy me didn't do that but I found a cheaper alternative. The technique that we all used when we were kids when we found this wonderful flower and want to preserve it, yes, that's it! I lay it flat between the pages of a hard book then add another hard book on top of it, let is sit for a whole day and viola. It's flat and the texture is still soft and nice to touch.

It's guaranteed super easy and fast plus the result is really really amazing. Just look at it for yourself. I think I'll make more using the new threads that I recently purchased.

Please look forward to it.


Past and the Future

An FO, hear ye, hear ye!

I have been working on this starghan for two months now and it's finished! I am so proud of myself! My eagerness to finish this cutie is because of the fact that another friend of mine just gave birth to a baby girl and soon to be my third inaanak (godchild) for the year. What I am excited about is the other gift that I'm going to make for her. If my eagerness permit me to make a set of hat, mittens and booties then I would gladly do so. The baby has been through a lot while she's inside her mother's womb so this is really good news that she's healthy, alive and kickin', yeah!

Notice the two new cotton threads that I bought, they look so yummy. Unfortunately, the brown one (lower left) isn't really nice to work with, it's so tough and I just learned that it has been discontinued. Gosh! Christmas is fast zooming in and I have been slacking of with my projects, bad Gene. If only I could find some sort of motivation or inspiration. Anyway, the Christmas Tree is up and all I need is to write Santa for my wishlist, yoohoo, Santa!

My Christmas (Short-term) Wishlists are 1) all the yummy and soft yarns in the world; 2) different types of hook that can work with the lovely yarns I wished in #1; 3) pattern books with wonderful wearables; 4) Super yummy, all organic lip balm; and 5) very effective skin moisturizer.

These are the things that I so wanted ASAP and yet so out of reach. One good way to cheer me up is look at the wonderful Japanese craft books that I just had and daydream on the projects while sipping my coffee.

I am such a Queen of Unfinished Business.


A Special Treat

I feel blessed for having a partner like KC. I have always been a brat and lazy when it comes to finishing his scarf but he loved me nevertheless and asked someone a huge favor just so he can make me happy and for me to stop annoying him. I felt so ecstatic when he gave me a plastic bag filled with magazines. Not just magazines but Japanese craft magazines! Whoa!

You can't imagine my delight when I look into the bag. I jumped, laughed like crazy and hang on his neck and my grin is so wide I think I was lucky that my jaws didn't lock.

And look at that! I have Cotton Friend Summer Edition 2007! This is too much! Too much! Too many wonderful things going on and I so wanted to have a sewing machine right at this very moment so I can start working on the projects!

Oh my gosh, I can't sleep. I think I'll sleep with my magazines tonight.

Zen Scarf for Her

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This is the partner of the first Zen Scarf that I made for KC.

I used two strands of cotton thread held together and a 4 mm. Inox hook so the result is a bit wider than the brown one.


Art QotD

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"I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day."
Vincent Van Gogh


Small Things

I love doing small things.

Some may be hard to finish but I like finishing small projects. One can easily find the result if it works well or not and you can even do it for a short period of time, but this doesn't apply to everything small, you know.

Well, it applies to crocheting and I am loving it. I have three big WIP projects and working on it according to my mood isn't really helping. But doing something small according to my mood will definitely result into a finished object.

Here you see a coaster I finished last month. It's a four inch square coaster using two strands of cotton thread held together in two shades, natural and chocolate brown. I just the color combination! The reason why I didn't make it a set because of the fact that the house I am currently in doesn't use coasters. Weird but true. So this particular coaster will be kept for referential purposes once I already have a home that would implement using coasters because a dreamer such as myself is aiming for a glass dining table, unless, of course, my money could afford a high quality dark wood, regardless of what kind of dining table I acquire, I will still make use of my very own coasters (and probably almost anything that I can make for my home.)

Next is my very first snowflake! Yeah, yeah, ours is a tropical country and snowflakes are non existent here but to hell with it. I want to at least experience making one. And snowflakes are simply amazing. But I still need to work on my blocking and I have to properly do it this time.

And I'd like to apologize to Mimi because I have been so out of myself lately, wasn't able to contact you in one of the most special day in your life.

Happy Birthday Mimi


Coffee & Music

Kris, RJ and I went to Urbandub's album launch in Eastwood City. Hearing their music live was awesome. I love going into their gigs and the crowd were amazing, singing loudly to every song they play. If you want to sample their music, visit their profile in http://www.myspace.com/urbandub and it's definitely worth it.

We also went to Starbucks for our dose of caffeine. White Chocolate Mocha + cold weather is love. And I can't help but fill my lungs with the smell of roasted beans. Everytime I visit coffee shops I feel like I'm in heaven. Plus I didn't use any paper cozy because it's really cold and a warm cup of coffee is just perfect.

Did you notice that I used my Japanese name in the coffee cup?

Gene = Gin = silver

Mails & Zines

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It's been so long ne.

Went to my father's place as usual and spent some time with my nephew and dad and also got some time to read some of my books again. It's nice to go there and two weeks worth of mails are there waiting for me. I don't know why but I feel jealous that my uncle (who lives next door) accepted my mail for me instead of me. You see I love receiving mails, especially everytime our postman would shout our last name and I would rush to the gate and found him gone but a letter sticking out of the mail box. It's always like that then. He's like a Santa to me, anxiously waiting for his arrival for my deliveries. Though I seldom see his face now, and wasn't really able to talk to him personally, I really really appreciate the kind of work that he has done for us. If only I could find a way to at least give him a thank you gift personally. My mom used to do that for them (postman, collectors and other delivery men) and usually miss them and the gifts would be given away to someone else because it's been weeks or even months that we can't get in touch with them.

I finally made something new. These two sets (two photos above) are zines I made for a swap and so darn proud of it for a first timer. Look, they're even hand bound! Next time, I'll make something with different kinds of papers and of a more complicated bookbinding.

And these two photos below are some of the stuff I received from a swap. New addition to my embroidery flosses as if telling me to make something that I should have been doing, haha! I am only good at planning things in my head but I never really really had the chance to follow the things that I plan.

I prefer the freedom of spontaneity. I do things depending on my mood. And during these times, where it's cold and always raining, I feel somehow dejected. It started in college, I always feel this way, and it's happening again, every year, always the same season, always the same feeling. My body clock totally shifted and I can't sleep at night. I can stay awake for the whole 48 hours and still haven't done anything productive.

It's been seven years now and nothing really changes.


Meme Tag

Angela (Riohnna) tagged me with this meme and it's cold and rainy today so I am so lazy to do anything else so here it goes...

38 things about me that you may or may not want to know.

1. Name one person who made you laugh last night?
My boyfriend, Kris.

.2. What were you doing at 0800?
I slept around 0300 so I'm still sleeping that time

3. What were you doing 30 minutes ago?
Eating noodles.

4. What happened to you in 2006?
Spent a lot of money over food.

5. What was the last thing you said out loud?
Arigatou (thank you) to RJ for bringing in the noodles

6. How many beverages did you have today?
Just one, coffee.

7. What color is your hairbrush?
I don't have one, that must be the reason why my hair is dry, haha!

8. What was the last thing you paid for?
Inspection fee in the Post Office.

9. Where were you last night?
crocheting in bed

.10. What color is your front door?

11. Where do you keep your change?
In a round leather pouch with a red star

12. What’s the weather like today?
Rainy and cold, i love it!

13. What’s the best ice-cream flavor?
Coffee Crumble, Choco Brownie Fudge, Vanilla

14. What excites you?
Mail day and payday, haha!

15. Do you want to cut your hair?
Everytime I woke up because it's so long and gets tangled all the time.

16. Are you over the age of 25?
Nope, I'll be next year, oh no!

17. Do you talk a lot?
It depends on the people I'm with, I don't really talk to strangers.

18. Do you watch the O.C.?

19. Do you know anyone named Steven?

20. Do you make up your own words?
yup, my favorite is gorgonic, from the word gorgon, haha! I am so mean.

21. Are you a jealous person?
Yes I am.

22. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter "A".
Ada (Happy birthday dear!)

23. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter ‘K’.
Kathy (I miss you Pusa! [pusa is cat in Filipino])

Who’s the first person on your received call list?

25. What does the last text message you received say?
It's a forwarded message and I deleted it, bad Gene!

26. Do you chew on your straw?
Eh? I guess not.

27. Do you have curly hair?
Nope, I have straight hair but it looks wavy because I always tie it in a bun but a conditioner can make it back again and it has a life of it's own and very prone to static. :D

28. Where’s the next place you’re going to?
Post office.

29. Who’s the rudest person in your life?
Someone long forgotten, haha!

30. What was the last thing you ate?
instant noodles.

31. Will you get married in the future?
hopefully next year

32. What’s the best movie you’ve seen in the past 2 weeks?
Stardust, the only movie I've seen and I like it.

33. Is there anyone you like right now?
My boyfriend.

34. When was the last time you did the dishes?
Months ago.

35. Are you currently depressed?
not really.

36. Did you cry today?

37. Why did you answer and post this?
because it's cold and I'm lazy

38. Tag 5 people who would do this survey.
Aby, Jana, Jinky, Mimi, Ria

Progress Bar

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Progress bar is a huge hit to craft lovers. This way crafters can monitor their projects. I saw this thread in Crochetville that talks about where to find percentage bars. There are so many other link to choose from but for me this is the best site to get your progress bars.

Brought to us by one of the the 'Ville's coordinator yarntomato, you can generate which ever percentage you prefer and you can match it to the color of you site. As for me, I downloaded the 23 premade buttons then uploaded it to my own image host then viola! You can see the results in the right hand column.

*Click the % Bar Maker button for the link.


Buy Handmade Pledge

Holiday is fast zooming in and I haven't decided which gifts to give yet. Since I'm a newbie crafter, I'd like to make as much as many handmade items as I could. Plus anything handmade gives much more warmth for this season. I have so many things I want to try but gifts are mainly crocheted items because that's where I think I do much better. I also bought some materials for handmade Christmas cards. And seeing wonderful fabrics is not helping at all because I am just plain jealous that I just can't hold of them now that I am on an extremely tight budget.

Well, for you folks out there that have so many things going on in their head and still don't know what to give, here's an information overload for you.

Sew, Mama, Sew! has a great way of making use of your unused sewing machines, fabrics scraps and soon to be bought fabrics, not to mention their fair share of wonderful fabrics. They have lists of handmade tutorials that any crafter would want to do as well and any gift receiver would want to have. May it be bookmarks to coasters and even aprons. There are lots of items to choose from, or why not go ahead and make one each day.

As for me, I am making a handmade pledge. It's a great way to discover items made with love by wonderful and talented crafters. If I can't make one then let me go ahead and buy something handmade by others. I encourage you to do this as well.

I Took The Handmade Pledge! BuyHandmade.org


Crocheted Scarves

This is the scarf I received from Betty (sewcrazy of Swap-bot). It's a crocheted scarf made of Christmas inspired colors and it is so warm to wear and it matches perfectly with my today's outfit [just don't mind the eye bags.]

If only we have a variety of yarns like this here, I would have made loads of scarf to give away to my sister's family in Canada where the weather is extremely cold. Well it's getting colder here in the tropical island Philippines and a nice scarf would be really helpful. It's so nice to have a soft scarf to rub against your neck that will keep you warm while having a walk in a park. This is also the first crocheted item I received. Though I am making one for myself, a crocheted scarf made just for you has an added warmth to the heart thus making it more useful. And I read somewhere that giving someone a scarf is like sending that person your hug, I must say that Betty's hug is really warm.

Thank you so much Betty for the scarf!

I also mentioned in my previous post that I am making Kris a scarf. I also mentioned that I'll post an FO but this girl just couldn't help but show everyone how yummy the scarf I am making for him. This is a pattern I saw in Ravelry but is also available in CrochetMe. It's really easy to make but the design is really good.

I used two balls of Cannon Cotton Threads held together since a decent yarn for a scarf is really hard to find here and as Mimi told me when I was just starting to crochet, to use any materials that I have handy. I am doing that just now and will make sure that this will be my very first big project to finish and it is made of something that is only available here. Just thinking about it makes me so proud of my work. It may be of the same pattern that other used but nobody can make it with the same texture that I did, well unless you live in the Philippines and have this particular shade of cotton thread right in your stash, haha!

Sooo Lucky

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I am indeed such a lucky gal. I used to post here and bother everyone else about how my mails were late and all that stuff. Well, just this afternoon, I went to the PO to pick up a parcel, from whom I do not know yet. I wasn't really expecting a huge package but I was shock to see that the Parcel Staff went out with a package as big as a shoe box! Whoa! You just can't imagine my shock! I was grinning as soon as the PO personnel handed over the package and I signing the record book until on our way home. Nothing can piss me off and I feel so happy.

[The photo we took as soon as we got out of the post office]

[7 Days of (Small) Surprises from Betty (sewcrazy of Swap-bot)]

I am so loving Betty right now! I was so giddy and excited that I received a surprise package. I was actually expecting a bag from Canada but this totally blew me away. It was indeed a surprise and Kris can't help but get carried away. He even took photos of me while opening the package but I am so not gonna post it here, hahaha!

Kris even asked me if I prefer small but many items instead of one big thing. He's pretty grand when giving gifts to me, he likes to call it "one time, big time gift" while I prefer giving him small things on regular days. I am an impulsive buyer after all so I always go home with a shopping bag for him, usually shirts and things he could use, or a wallet which I recently bought for him while shopping for a gift for someone else, haha! While he actually gave me an MP3 player which is actually worth thousands of pesos and I find it enough for me that will last for a couple of years of gifts. And believe it or not, I am actually selfish when it comes to items that are given to me so nobody actually got the chance to use my player other than myself and Kris. Some people find it too much but that's how I value things that are given to me. I am pretty sentimental, you know.

And come to think of it, I actually received good vibes with the Marikina PO personnels, who were actually infamous when it comes to paying Custom tariffs, well I only got to talk to two of them. But I would still prefer the PO in Cubao because most of the personnel are so helpful. And we also tried looking for the mailman in our area but all we could find was his motorcycle. I will still pursue with the lockbox in Cubao PO though.


Chocolates & Cream

Traditionally, it should be coffee and cream. It's the Yin and Yang beverage for me but today is different because it's been ages since I last had cow's milk. It started last year that I've been trying so hard to let go of my carnivorous side and go vegan but I was such a failure. Though, I did give up drinking cow's milk since last year and having it substituted with soy milk which is by the way so addicting, I still can't let go of the taste of meat and chicken. I have made my efforts of preferring seafoods and tuna sandwiches but I just can't let go of the things I am used to for the past 23 years of my life.

And whose fault it is that I have to go back to drinking milk in this cold weather?

I blame it to the lucky bastard who won a bag of Hershey's Chocolates during the time of my sickness and all I am left with bars of Special Dark Chocolates. The lucky bastard is the person I love to cuddle in the middle of night. Of course, the other members of his family took away all the sweet stuff which I don't mind at all. It is just recently that I learned to appreciate dark chocolates, I think it's due to hormonal changes that I underwent a couple of months ago which made me hate anything sweet.

But who could afford to resist eating dark chocolates and warm unsweetened milk on a cold weather? Definitely not me. I just love the taste of bitter choco and warm milk melting the chocolate in my mouth and washing down the sweetness. It's just heaven!

I still have one bar left, guess I'll reserve it for my lucky beau.

Speaking of Yin & Yang, I now have 10% of Kris' (the lucky bastard) scarf in chocolate and I'll make a scarf of the same design in cream for myself as well. I know I should be doing something else (sorry Mimi!) but Kris keeps on bugging me and pouting like a kid because I haven't made something for him yet.

I'll post an update on the scarves as soon as I finish them both.


Mail Week

I just love the two weeks that passed. We had a long holiday so I went over to my father's place for three days and two nights. My sister and her impudent son who calls me by my first name is there as well so we slept together in one bed like we used to. Well my nephew is so hard-headed that he won't call me Tita (Aunt) and my dad Lolo (Grandfather) which is to be expected because he only calls her mother Mama if he needs something, what a brat!

Anyway, I never thought that going to Divisoria on the Day of the Dead would be troublesome. Most of the stores are close so the goal of finding great bargains is next to nil but I was able to buy some stuff that can be useful for future projects. And as soon as I returned home, my sister SMSed me the next day saying that I have mail from US, yay! I am so proud of the Post Office in Manila!

And just today, I received two mails and a parcel notice. I wonder what's in the parcel. I'm getting more and more excited but I still need to wait for next week to go to the post office in Marikina.

Would you believe that the PO in Marikina received it Oct 25th and I received it just now? What happened to the 10 business days in between? Really, this incident annoys me.

I already made arrangements with the Post Office in the other district for a lock box. Based on experience, the folks there are pleasant, helpful and are really accommodating. Hopefully an incident like this in this city's PO won't happen again in Cubao.

In other news, the photo on the left are the calendars I sent to two lucky partners. I really like the wall calendar because 1) it's made of recycled paper 2) it features monthly motivational ideas 3) the last part that says Official Bad Habit Trash Bin. This I think is really helpful. Personally, instead on bashing into everyone else, I tend to write my feelings and just let go of what I feel. I feel better afterwards. Well, putting those bad thoughts in this particular area would be really helpful. Imagine how many bad habits can you collect in a year? A small envelop may not be enough but still helpful, don't you think?

In crochet news, I started a new scarf while I was in seclusion in my father's place. I'm in 50% of my shell scarf but I'm out of cotton thread so I'm making a new one in different color. And my beau is really demanding that I make one for him already. It's really nice to have someone appreciate the things that you do. I need to drag myself away from the computer and start on that scarf of his. But can I just say that I am totally drooling to the things I see in Ravelry. I want to have all those soft lovely yarns and pile them all up in bed and still have enough yarn to make every wonderful project! Why is that so hard to achieve?! Yarn Fairy, please save me!


Procrastination by Dave Walker

cartoon from www.weblogcartoons.com

Cartoon by Dave Walker. Find more cartoons you can freely re-use on your blog at We Blog Cartoons.

For the sake of Halloween

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It's really amusing why we Filipinos are so attached to our love ones and relatives that we still savor their existence despite the fact that they already passed away. Though I don't mind the long weekend, thanks to PGMA for doing this possible, we all have time to go back to where we came from and visit our relatives dead or alive.

But it's also amusing that we only bother about scary things during these times (and Holy Week.) And we are so foolish to scare each other with our own fears. I may not be the likes of the so called selected few with an open third eye or something but I don't want to be skeptical of the fact that these things might be true as well. It's still hard to believe if you haven't experienced it yet. And seeing something is not enough reason that such a thing exist and not seeing it is also enough reason to prove that it's not true.

Fear is a psychological thing. It's like a disease that's hard to cure once it got you infected. A disease that will eat your soul and suck in all your valid reasonings.

What the heck am I saying...

It's because of what Kris and I saw while driving along Katipunan Avenue a few hours ago. While driving along Katipunan Avenue, south bound, we saw a figure of a woman in long white dress and super long hair covering her face, in short a White Lady. Was I scared? No, not at all.

But I must admit that if I have seen it in my younger years, I would have been petrified.

The fact that not only me but also Kris saw it means that it's not just a fragment of my imagination. He even asked me if I saw it.,I said yes and we figured that they must be trippin' or something. For one, they tactically positioned a vehicle with too many early warning devices for you to not notice. Two, the location of the so called white lady is just a few meters away from the vehicle, and you can clearly see the image because of the headlight of the vehicle. Three, seeing the figure doesn't really give the creeps, at all.

Stating these facts, the group who did this foolishness must have strategically placed the car with so many warning devices for you to notice. Knowing that we are a bunch of curious beings, we would check out what's the problem as we pass by, as you pass by and decided that it's just a small thing, you go ahead and face the road and that's where the figure will catch your attention. They would have actually pulled it off if they have situated the girl a little farther where it is much darker and no distracting vehicle's around.

But seriously, do they really have to go to so much trouble just to scare people?


Hiatus Update

So, I'm sort of MIA for the past two weeks and believe me, it was really unproductive. For one, I didn't touch any of my crafting tools because I am totally pissed of people borrowing my stuff and not returning it to where they got it. I really hate it when people barge into my cluttered corner and things totally got messy in my POV. It sucks, I'm OC with my own mess and I'm fine with it but when a single soul gets into action and invading my sanctuary, everything else will get affected. It makes me hate of everything around me resulting to a non-productive hiatus.

On the bright side, I received my very first mail in Swap-bot, for the 2008 Calendar Swap. It nice to receive a package when you least expect it. Heck, I've been anticipating for a mail sent last month instead I received something for Down Under sent via air mail and saved me from my distress after 10 days. I just love air mails, I don't care how much will it cost, as long as my partners receive their packages on time and spare them what I am feeling right now. Geez, that sounds so negative.

Anyway, the calendar I receive went straight to my wall without me taking a photo while the extra planner (with cute kittens) that comes with the package is awaiting for New Years Day.

Thank you so much Robyn from Australia!

As expected, the mailman doesn't recognize my last name, got lazy to figure out who the hell that person is and decided not to look for the address, so I haven't received the mail sent by Wendy of SB. So temporarily, I changed my address to my father's address, apparently the mailman there, Mang Danny is way more trustworthy than any other mailman in the Philippines. Hoping to receive mails this time. I still need to talk to the nearest PO for a lock box (which is a PO for the other city.) I just hope that the person there is more trustworthy than the ones in this city. I really want to open a lock box in Manila because I love the PO building there and as I've been saying, the personnels there are more trustworthy than anyone else and I have heard of so many complaints about the custom personnels in Marikina so that's enough reason to not trust that office.

Oh, another good news, I received a mail from Jana in Crochetville! It really brightens my day. It's nice to receive mail from everywhere.

So to the lovely folks in my Send To list, expect to receive your mails in about two weeks. I'll be sending them by the end of the month, that is if All Saints/Soul's Day won't get in the way. You know, remembering our dearly departed really is a big deal here in the Philippines. It's the time to visit graveyards and sort of reunion with other relatives.

Lastly, I got invites for Ravelry! Woohoo!!!


Blog Action Day

Such a pity that we use plastic abundantly but we can't find a decent way to lessen it's waste. If we just think about it, it's not really hard keeping the environment clean. We just don't have to be lazy about it. What's so hard in putting that candy wrapper in your pocket instead of dropping it off the streets? There are a lot of stuff that we can do to help minimize waste.

Here are some of the things that I do recommend and some that I would try in the future.
  1. Coffee addict? Then why don't you go ahead and buy that tumbler in your favorite cafe. You'll receive discounts everytime you use it with your purchase and you're cutting down on the paper cups used.
  2. Are you a crafter who loves coffee? Then why don't you whip up a coffee cup cozy. There are lots of free patterns that you can use to make you own cozy. It's small so you can always bring it in your purse. Here's an example: link
  3. Try reusing you plastic grocery bags, if it smells bad, wash it with soap, let it try and use it again. You can use it as a garbage bag or for the next trip in the market. Or you can keep it all and make new things with it. Check out http://www.myrecycledbags.com/ for ideas. You'll never know what you can do next with your plastic bags.
  4. As much as possible, if you usually buy stuff that you can easily tuck in your bag then do so. Just keep the receipts handy to prevent misconceptions.
  5. Check your grocery stores if they are selling market bags. This bags are pretty cheap and really useful. Some even offer it for free. See SM's Green Bag
  6. Do you sew? How about making your own eco-friendly market bag. Morsbags are so in these day because they pretty much don't cost anything. You can use your old blankets or whatever stuff you can think of and sew it in the Morsbag way for a more sturdier bag. For more info: Morsbags
  7. For crocheters (and even knitters) the Reduction Tote Bag is so useful. How about this Market Bag? There are a lot of free patterns in the internet that are really useful.
  8. How about reusing used printer paper instead of throwing it into the shredder. You can use it to take notes, grocery list, to do list or whatever list that you can think of.
  9. Try buying recycled papers. It's cheap and really interesting. My letter sets are made of recycled paper.
  10. If you can't think of anything else to do with your trash, just neatly pile them all up and send it to the junk shop, you can even earn extra money with that.
Hopefully, this will help you get your move in making the environment cleaner. Don't limit yourself with these suggestions. Possibilities are endless and remember, little things meant a lot.

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day


Get involved

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Eating Japanese

I'm into Japanese these days. Can't help it, Japanese food are so good. I have two favorite restaurant that I go to. One is in Makati beside my favorite Japanese grocery. That's one thing I missed in my previous job, it's so near these Japanese stores.

Katsudon and Miso Soup

These are my favorite rice toppings-soup combo. Katsudon got it's name from Tonkatsu which means pork cutlet and donburi for rice toppings. I don't know why but it seems that I'm the only person who likes Miso soup. I love miso soup mainly because of the tofu in it. As you may know, I love anything made of soy bean so that's already given plus it was said that miso soup is best to prevent certain cancer. Though Katsudon seemed easy to make, I still need to find some of the ingredients needed for miso soup (such as nori and dashi) but I read that there's miso soup in an instant pack so better look for it in my next visit. If you want to try other donburi, bento and ramen better visit Komoro Soba. Who knows, you might be lucky enough to see one of their Japanese chef cooking in the kitchen.

I have another favorite Japanese restaurant, Sango! It's a perfect place to hang out with Japanese and local friends. Main menu offers burger and fries with a twist. You gotta love their Master fries, I'm addicted to it! Why, you say so? It's made of thick fries topped with a special sauce and cheese with ketchup and onions on the side. Yummy! They also have some Japanese desserts and this is the perfect place to try Mochi and if you don't want to spend too much in any manga kissaten, visit this place for their manga, Japanese magazines and J-pop playing in the LCD screen.

Lastly, for this post are Meiji stuff. Meiji is pretty popular when it comes to chocolates.

You've seen my post regarding Apollo. Now here are my favorites.

Coffee Beat and Choco Baby

Obviously, Coffee Beat tastes like coffee and I'm just so addicted to them. And if you happen to see what's inside, it looks like coffee beans so it feels like you're eating raw coffee beans!

Choco Baby is just so awesome. I mean, who doesn't love chocolates? It looks hard in the photo but sure it's soft and you can try small doses of chocolates if you are on a diet (but not me!)

Though I fell in love in Macadamia and Almonds before but when I had my hands with these babies, I totally lost it.

Would you believe that I have tasted these two first before Pocky?


Visit to Japan

Just my imagination though.

Went to Makati today to process my clearance from my previous employment and the result is not appealing as I was pissed walking out of the building and waited for Neko's (cat in Nihongo) shift end.

But as a self-imposed simple rule to be happy, I have to think of the positive side of things, so I'm going to embark on happy thoughts.

I had been craving for Pocky for the past days, blame it on PMS so Neko and I went to our favorite Japanese store and found no luck. Even my favorite ice cream is not available. Guess, this store became popular these days. So moved to the other store, heck, they have empty shelves! Delivery must be running late. So we rode a jeep to the last but not the least Japanese store and I found Apollo! No, it's not my previous officemate's ex boyfriend but one heck of a tasty box of sweet sensation, a classic mix of strawberry and chocolate can never go wrong.

So what happened to Pocky?

Apparently, the only flavor left is Pocky Men, and I am in no mood to have a dose of bitter chocolate because I want to be happy, right, so sweets are the best regimen (and being with friends and love ones.) Though I would have preferred eating this straw-colate duo with unsweetened coffee, I decided not to and just savor the aroma of roasting coffee in a factory (What's the proper term for that? Brewery?) nearby and it feels like heaven.

A visit to a Japanese store won't be complete if we won't be checking out every item they have and trying to familiarize ourselves with it, I have found something that would definitely make my hands busy.

Chiyogami Bag!

The bag consists of 8 15cm squares and 50 origami instructions! Well, they should have included 42 more chiyogami so I can try it all out. But I have the other origami set on my list in the next visit (and the Shiseido shampoo!)

I was a bit disappointed though that there are only few letter sets left and the design is not appealing to me but the sticky paste tubes are so cute that must be the reason every one is so crazy about Japanese stuffs!

I hate going to this store with no enough money, there are a lot of things that I want to buy there and I miss croquettes already, the cup noodles and pudding! I really need to go there with a huge fat purse and try every ready to cook meals they have there. LOL!

And sorry to disappoint you crafty friends, they don't have Japanese craft books. :(


Poor Butterfly

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My partner KC and I were finishing the souvenirs when we heard a weird sound outside the room. It turns out that a butterfly got caught in the ceiling fan. His brother E turned off the fan as fast as he could and the poor butterfly is still in the fan. We can't really see the damage so we moved the fan a little for it to get out of it. He flew just a little and landed on the radio antenna.

We had a closer look and learned that the butterfly's left wing is damaged and the body was cut off. You can see in the photo that part of his body was missing and the damaged wing. He wont move even after taking his picture. We decided to leave him alone so he can recover from his shock and as soon as we left he flew outside of the house. This happened yesterday and have not seen him since then. Poor butterfly.


Going back to what I love

After the creativity shattering post, I have settled my emotions and have gone back to the things I love doing.

I signed up for a Scarf Cal in Crochetville because I've been wanting to make one and I think this is the right time because rainy season is here and it can get really cold in the Holiday season and it's perfect for Simbang Gabi (Misa de Gallo.)

The scarf is two inches wide, just enough for my neck and probably 60 inches long (the photo in the right is 13 inches long.)

I used Cannon thread size 8 in Natural and steel hook 1.5 mm. The pattern is just made of shell stitches and has consumed half of the ball already and hasn't reached a quarter of the scarf yet, that's quite expected because I like my stitches tight.

You're probably wondering why the heck did I positioned it beside a CD pudding. Well those are the blanks that Kris and I have to make (the debutante preferred a mix CD for her) and to be printed, about 50 copies of those.

The photo pretty much show my current work load. I'm working on my scarf while waiting for the CD burning and printing to be finished. This situation actually help me get the idea for something that will be really useful for my crochet hobby.

Presenting to you my new Spool Caddy!

My partner KC laughed when he saw this. I used the CD pudding as a caddy for my thread. This is really useful and is actually perfect for cotton threads that come in balls. And if you are using yarns, you can use the pudding cover (visible in the background.)

The pudding case is also a great way to stack your WIPs especially for small projects, such as scarves, cozies and doilies. You just put the cover, seal it (twist the cover clockwise) and you're done. And this little plastic thing comes cheap so you can buy a couple more if you're like me that loves to jump from one small project to another.

Talk about innovation!

+ + +

Just a little rant: The debutante and her peeps borrowed my craft supplies for cutting the tags and ribbons, now they're done with their thing and playing Bingo while my supplies are nowhere to be found and my scissors have found it's way home with no cover.

Still missing are:

  • steel ruler
  • craft cutter
  • craft zigzag scissors
  • Sharpie
  • craft glue
Thanks God I didn't lend my newly bought cutting board or they would have murdered it as well! I am hating them more and more each day! Geez!


Abuse me more, I like it

Still awake.

Traveling from Marikina to Quezon Ave. to Gilmore to Cubao then to Marikina again on a motorcycle is not pleasant at all. Don't get me wrong, I do love traveling and again my sense of direction has been tested twice today. But I don't like the fact that we are being rushed to do such a thing because there will be an event six days from now. I'm not really sure how it happened, it's just that everyone assumed that I will do the invitation for them. That's a new exciting challenge to me and I'm up for it if I was informed first. I didn't even know that she will have a party on her 18th birthday.

I went to my father's place last weekend and when I came back, bam, I overheard them talking about their plans for the said party. They asked me what kind of paper to be used for an invitation, so I said the things that I know and what kind of paper to buy. They should have bought samples but they bought a whole lot of stock enough for the 60 invitations I am going to print tomorrow (rather later.)

Guess what, they bought the wrong paper. It doesn't say if it's for ink jet printer or not and yet they bought a whole lot of it because it's pretty and I specifically told them to buy ink jet friendly paper. And guess what, I'm not supposed to be in the effing list and I don't want to be there, let's say that they need someone to complete the list because the SOB step mother of the debutante wanted to include some people in the list and 18 treasures was made because the debutante doesn't want to change her 18 candles list. So yeah, I'm messed up because I still have to buy a gift for her and I don't feel like giving her one because of what's happening right now.

Back to the unwanted road trip, went back tired but my partner and I still have to fix the printer for the ink refill, my partner had a headache and I had dirty hands. And that's not all, I was asked to fix the effing invitation and I have to live up to their wishes of using old style of invitation but have to reduce it to 4.25" X 6.5" (in short 8.5" x 13" specialty paper cut into four!) As expected the test print sucked because it's not the right paper for the printer and the font sucks so it looks like blotted ink on specialty paper.

So after their approval for the template of the invitation, I have to do the front page, of course, I did edit in PS the picture that they gave me because, the background sucks and her shirt camouflaged on it. After hours of testing brushes, downloading, testing, downloading and testing of brushes, I have decided that's it, that's the best regimen I can do for their sucky invitation preferences. And I am not having high hopes with the test print in parchment later.

Really, it would have cost them less if they have opted for the printing press. And she would have made our lives a bit more peaceful if she didn't follow her stepmom's wishes.

As you can see, after all the creative output I have made in this project, I will never ever have the intention of being proud of it. I did not chose the materials, it is not my style and the printing sucks. I have modified it to make it better but to no avail.

Now, my hands are stained, have a splitting headache, very tired and will have a meeting with supposed client in 30 hours which I think to be postponed because there's no way I'll go to a meeting with dirty fingers. Think indelible ink in six colors staining your tips?!

Lessons learned.
  • Never accept jobs from people who have no respect for your own creativity
  • Never accept jobs from people who wont accept your suggestions
  • Never accept jobs from people who have no respect for you own time
So, yeah. I'm in a messed up mood so sue me.


Swap Update 10032007

I am so glad that two of my partners received their package. Packages I mailed just last week and they received it sooner that I expected. I just wish that it works the same with the items being sent to me. It's been three weeks since my partner sent in her package and I haven't received it yet. Being flaked on my first swap is not a good experience.

Moving forward, just got home from the post office to mail some private swaps.

Here are some of the items I sent Wilma (sweetsugar) just because she posted in her swap that she wants something Filipino. She loves to cook so I sent a recipe postcard of Pastillas de Leche, the other postcard is about devotees of Sto. NiƱo Cebu because her Mom is from there. The other two on the right are for home decoration, it says East West, Home is Best and a fridge magnet that says I *heart* Philippines because she does love the country. I can't help but grant her wish.

This one is for Katie (k_k_k_katie) I tagged her in Send something local to the person above you and I just love spreading Filipino love. Sent her a notecard with an illustration of a Filipino vendor selling soybean custard (magtataho or a person that sells taho), a fridge magnet that says Pilipinas with an old house inspired from the Spanish era. I also sent her a postcard that has pictures of Manila's tourist spots.

I'm still anxiously waiting for my packages and I called the post office in this area to check if I have a package and I realized that they have a different personnel assigned for packages and letters and the postman for this area is not around. Ironically, the post office in Marikina is quite far in my current location while the Post Office's sub branch for Quezon City is near us. So don't get confused if your mail was postmarked in Quezon City and my address says Marikina. We are between boundaries of both cities. You just have to cross the street and you're in Quezon City.

I just hope that the postman here is just like Mang Danny, our postman in Manila. He's really nice and very honest.


Old Craft

It's nice going back to a house you grew up with found the things you do when you were younger. I have learned crochet and embroidery in grade school but doing something you worked on your own is something special.

Really special because I tacked it on my cabinet and now it's so dirty and dusty. (Look at the rust in the tacks) I wouldn't dare touch it!

I feel so bad. Why it never occurred to me to frame this pattern and why didn't I keep the pattern itself! Especially the patterns for the alphabet.

Seeing these designs brings back memories back when I was in high school. My friends isn't really into crafts then while I love writing. Keeping some letters in between their books when I borrow it. Or stashing some notes in their ball pen. I think I'm the only person who started using gel pens in our classroom then. My notebooks are filled with Stabilo marks and colorful inks. I'm not that old and yet it feels like its been so far away. So far that I can't even imagine myself going back there.

It will never be the same.

The school has been renovated. Lost communication with some friends. And a classmate lost her life.

We have lost our youth and we will never be the same again.


Welcome Fine Folks!

Hello dear Guests!

Thank you for visiting my humble sanctuary.
Feel free to browse through my experiments and comments are much more appreciated.

Peace & Love,

I'm back!


My supposed one night and one day stay in my father's home was extended for one more night and day because of the heavy rain. Well, I enjoyed my stay because my dad cooked Caldereta for us and I had bonding time with my father, sister and Popeye. I was also glad that I was able to drop by Divisoria to buy some stuff.

I just love this set. It's Cannon Cotton threads size 8 in Natural and Brown color. It's really hard looking for cotton thread here so I decided to just buy cotton threads and work on it using all three threads for a bigger gauge.

And here are the floss that I bought together with the cotton threads. The first two (ecru and brown) are DMC and the others are Anchor floss. And the cotton fabric also in brown is for the Morsbag that I will be sending Marshmallow, yay!

When my partner fetched me in my father's house, we went to SM Megamall and made a big step of buying knitting supplies. I would really really want to learn knitting now. Also bought some stuffs for my one-on-one trades and a special gift for a special friend. I'll be sending some mails tomorrow and hopefully receive some stuff from US.


Rainy Days and Monday

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It's been raining recently, mostly in the afternoon. Kind of weird because I have AccuWeather here in my sidebar and the results are totally different. Remember when I had sunburns in my upper lip when I mailed some mails, the weather report says Cloudy with 26°C temperature but I had sunburns and I've got gazillions of melanin in my system because I'm not really fair. Now, it's raining so hard I can hardly hear the sound of my keyboards while typing and it says Cloudy with 25°C temperature and calm winds. Hah! I hope I can find some incontrovertible weather report.

During these kind of days, I love slacking off, reading a nice book while sipping on my hot coffee with extra cream. But I've got no nice book handy and I don't want to spend on other books because I'm reserving my savings for some Japanese craft books that I'm planning to buy. Unfortunately, I don't have an afghan to comfort me as of now but we do have a military blanket that is so rough yet gives enough comfort during cold nights. But for those who don't have any of these comforters they tend to be more sickly.

A trick my father used on me because I'm such a sickly baby and prone to colds and coughs, as I've mentioned because of my immune system, he whip up a citrus juice that tastes like tea and even looks like is. See?

I used 12 (or maybe more) juicy green kalamansi/calamondin sliced on the upper portion slightly avoiding the seeds (because cut seeds will make it somewhat bitter) then squeeze the juice in your cup without using any strainer.

After juicing it all up, use your fork to remove the seeds leaving those tiny juicy bits behind.

Add some hot water and take note, do not add sugar unless you want it as a cold drink.

Now the tea-trick, add some honey according to your taste. You can be abundant with this because honey is good for the body. The honey gives that tea-like color and taste and it's extra healthy.

If you are really sick, you might want to take a teaspoon/tablespoon of honey before drinking the kalamansi juice because it's good for the body and it is actually recommended for alternative medicines and it is proven to strengthen your immune system. I am sickly and I can testify to the honey's effect. Don't worry about the taste because it isn't really sweet, more on a sweet woodsy type and it smells kind of wood.

If you're looking for honey for your tea or this juice, I wouldn't recommend buying in the grocery store, they are too sweet as if they are sugar syrup. Better go to the nearest bee farm in your area. In the Philippines, that would be Cavite to Metro Manila residents and some farms up north. Though I haven't tried the honey in Cavite because we usually buy our supply somewhere north (Ilocos I think) but the bee farm in Cavite has been featured so many times on television and newspapers and I love to see the bees face to face. Haha!

By the way, I won't be able to update in the weekends because I'll be staying in my father's house in Manila and our computer is invalid so I will have some bonding time with Popeye and Papa. Let's see if I can persuade my father to teach me how to cook Caldereta or Adobong Pusit because he's got the best recipe ever. My officemates can even attest to that. I also love my mother's version of Caldereta with ultra spicy and ultra thick cream sauce. That's the only white Calderata I'm aware of.

Do you guys have any idea how I can whip up my version?


Black Motif and Weekends


Black Motif
Originally uploaded by gene + experiments

I've been neglecting my crochet projects recently because of my still stressed right thumb but that didn't stop me in making this black motif. It's not that even so I still have to make another one maybe with a better conditioned thumb and its just so hard to work with black thread. But I want to make about four or five more of this for a special project that I saw in the world wide web. And just seeing other people's blogs makes me want to be like Shiva with four arms, two for crocheting, one for writing and one for eating, hah!

Since I am no Shiva and so normal (Thank God for that) with two strong arms, I'll have to stick with crocheting flat repetitive patterns while chanting my Nihongo lessons.

We have a quiz tomorrow it's starting to scare me! Our class two Saturdays ago have gained about 30 Nihongo words, 10 Hiragana characters, constructing introductory greetings and sentences used inside the classroom. Thank God for Cat-sensei and to the other two sensei, Ong-sensei and Pascua-sensei who taught us. Weird though, we met two sensei who are both Chinese and I'm somewhat confused if they're speaking in Chinese or Japanese, haha! I'm bad. Jodan desu. (Just kidding.)


Swap Update 09262007

This new community is making me all excited. I had just fulfilled my first swap hoping my package won't go astray and anticipating for my package to arrive. The idea of creative swap is really refreshing. At least my brain is no longer in its dull mode and is actually working at its best, though my right thumb is somewhat injured and my left thumb had a paper cut. Must be because of crocheting too tight and the endless cutting and sewing of things for the swaps and the paper cut is due to the card stock I used as backing. I feel bad because I didn't make the swaps as I planned it in my head. Guess my daydreaming head worked overtime and left me in the dark while doing the swaps. I have originally planned of making three felt books with crocheted cover for the Photo Inchies swap but my right thumb isn't cooperating for quite sometime now, I was able to finish one complete (crochet + felt) book and one crocheted book cover and one felt book. I have planned of making it into editions but I have disappointed myself and made just one.

Click the photo to see the other sets.

To round up this post, here are the list of my swaps.

Photo Inchies (Sent 09262007)
  • FarStarr
  • LipsLikeSugar
  • lindall
Gain exposure to your blog!

Digital photo swap – theme: pet

New to ATCs Swap and Critique (Int'l)

Trigger Happy - Circle

Just Stuff #3

Red Ribbon for awareness

Christmas Card Swap

Whew! I have my hands full till the end of the year. I just hope someone would make a swap for March celebrants.

And here are the list of my forum swaps: (i.e. Swap tags, one on one trades)

Promised an item to:
  • phatelara - something made of yarn (I wish for... tag 09262007 but will send after 10152007)
  • Kathy - private gift to her sister (Note: Bring to Nihongo Class on 09292007)
  • Isy - private gift - Hanazakari no Kimitachi e DVD
Those who will grant my wish:
  • ♥ KimyCate ♪♫ - 10 ATC sized cardstocks (Swap tag 09242007)
I must say this thing is really addicting.


Looking for the right lip balm

I am not a person of cosmetics.

I mean, my make-up kit consists of a pressed powder with SPF 15 (limited edition from Avon that I had when I was still working and I can't find any of it now so I'm still with my old one,) Avon Glimmersticks Eye Liner and limited edition Avon Mascara (that I also can't find any right now.) These make-ups last for more than a year because I seldom use them and I'm not into doing retouch every now and then because of the weather here. And I don't use lipsticks either instead I used lip tints (from Avon and The Body Shop) but these tints tend to dry your lips so I end up giving those tints away plus it doesn't taste good and I have a habit of licking my lips. So I turn to Nivea Cherry Lip Balm (and also Strawberry) that gives a little tint of red but I didn't really like the shade that it shows. Guess it doesn't work well with my lips/saliva's acidity. I also tried Chapstick in Strawberry and Cherry because I love the smell but the taste isn't that addicting (but the smell is so addicting!) and I tend to put some more that one would think I just had an oily meal.

I got so addicted to lip balms when I was in high school. The heat here is so unbearable I tend to have burning sensation in the moustache area (the skin between your nose and upper lip) and my lips are always dry despite liters of liquids. My high school friend and i used this Nivea tube that says heal you chapped lips but the side effect of the formula is so stingy in the lips so we stopped using that and sticked to Chapstick, then Nivea then Blistex. I'm juggling among this brands. My favorite as of now are Nivea Lip Care Repair & Protection with SPF (for regular days) and Blistex Lip Infusion Moisture Splash with SPF 15 (for going out, it's a lip gloss I think.) Though these two doesn't have that sweet taste and nice smell I have to stick with it because Nivea is for protection and Blistex Lip Infusion is for the gloss and it gives a nice tint that complements the color of you lips (See left photo.)

Unfortunately, The only respectable lip balm here are Chapstick, Blistex Nivea and The Body Shop (their Lippy Lippy Balm are sweet and smells really good but I don't like the oily gloss.) I'm not really aware of other brands because honestly I'm scared of trying them out. And some respectable brands are so absurdly priced for a lip balm.

So I searched the net for some feedbacks and I found this blog that reviews lip balms which I think is really helpful, that is if you live in the US and have access to these lip balms. Prices are just right but it can be quite costly if you're going to ship it to Manila. But what interests me most are those home made lip balms that are all organic and lip balms in cute presentations. Check out Emily the Strange Lip Balms in my favorite color combination, but these cutesy are only available for sale in Ebay. There's also Hot Topic lip balms but their shipping are really pricey because their using private couriers. *sigh*

I have also joined a lip balm swap in Swap-bot but the swap has been canceled for some reason and has been re-opened for US residents only. How unfortunate.

Do you guys have any recommendations for a better lip balm? My lips and it's surrounding have this burning sensation due to extreme heat when I mailed the letters early this morning and my lip balms are not really working at all.


Found in Flickr: bibby

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Originally uploaded by NeedleNoodles

These are so cute!

I saw some crocheted bibs before but not this cute! I'm going to make a lot for my godchildren for Christmas. They are so cute I want them for myself! But I would look silly on them instead of being cute. Geez, I want to go back to being a kid.

By the way these cutesy bibs are made by NeedleNoodles and patterns are available in her etsy shop.


Photo Inchies Swap

Photo Inchies Swap in swap-bot.com

This is the first of the three sets that I will be mailing out on Monday. Photos are not exactly 1 x 1 instead I made the card stocks in a one inch square to serve as a border to the pictures. I used my Starbucks planner as a drying rack.

I will post the finished products here once all three of my swap partners receive their package. But just a hint, I crocheted something for the swap. It's not just a photography swap on my part but also a craft swap. You'll understand once you see them.

I'm excited to receive my packages! Yay!


Lip Balm Cozy

Something to accompany my wallet.

I just love lip balms and its just hard to have your wallet, cellphone and lip balm all in your hand during those times that you're not in the mood to bring your purse or bag. Though I already made a Cellphone Wristlet before, there's still the lip balm that ends up tucked in my pocket.

But what happens if I don't have a pocket?

Inspired from Mimi's free pattern, I made my version of a Lip Balm Cozy using my left-over Monaco cotton thread size 8 and 1.5 mm steel hook. I did this working in rounds with a single crochet ending it with 6 chains for the loop where I connected my key chain.


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So,,,, here we go!!
Riohnna tagged me!

8 Things About me...

1. I'm a nocturnal person (I'm writing this 0248 hours in the morning)
2. I'm addicted to coffee I can't sleep without my dose of caffeine.
3. I can't eat street foods because my system is prone to virus.
4. None of my friends knew about this craft lab.
5. I've been bitten by a dog three times. The last two incidents had me rushed to the hospital and went out with a total of 18 stitches on my face. (first one had 12 stitches and second one was 6 stitches)
6. I'm an occasional OC. I arrange my CD/DVD collection alphabetically. I'm also a cluttered person and I'm at ease with my own clutter. I know where the items are piled and I don't want anyone touching my own mess.
7. I love looking into small details that people often disregard.
8. I have a perfect sense of direction. I can easily read maps and can remember places even if I've been there once, some sort of photographic memory.

These are the 8 things about me. Now, my turn to tag 8 more people. You don't have to do your 8 things about yourself but, it's up to you.