Crocheted Scarves

This is the scarf I received from Betty (sewcrazy of Swap-bot). It's a crocheted scarf made of Christmas inspired colors and it is so warm to wear and it matches perfectly with my today's outfit [just don't mind the eye bags.]

If only we have a variety of yarns like this here, I would have made loads of scarf to give away to my sister's family in Canada where the weather is extremely cold. Well it's getting colder here in the tropical island Philippines and a nice scarf would be really helpful. It's so nice to have a soft scarf to rub against your neck that will keep you warm while having a walk in a park. This is also the first crocheted item I received. Though I am making one for myself, a crocheted scarf made just for you has an added warmth to the heart thus making it more useful. And I read somewhere that giving someone a scarf is like sending that person your hug, I must say that Betty's hug is really warm.

Thank you so much Betty for the scarf!

I also mentioned in my previous post that I am making Kris a scarf. I also mentioned that I'll post an FO but this girl just couldn't help but show everyone how yummy the scarf I am making for him. This is a pattern I saw in Ravelry but is also available in CrochetMe. It's really easy to make but the design is really good.

I used two balls of Cannon Cotton Threads held together since a decent yarn for a scarf is really hard to find here and as Mimi told me when I was just starting to crochet, to use any materials that I have handy. I am doing that just now and will make sure that this will be my very first big project to finish and it is made of something that is only available here. Just thinking about it makes me so proud of my work. It may be of the same pattern that other used but nobody can make it with the same texture that I did, well unless you live in the Philippines and have this particular shade of cotton thread right in your stash, haha!


  1. I have also done a scarf using two strands of Cannon...it isn't as soft compared to DK cotton like Catania, but its good enough ;)
    Btw, the Christmas colored scarf looks lovely!

  2. I agree with you, but we just can't help but make use of the things that we have here. I'm actually interested in Organic Cotton and knitting yarns, they look so soft and the colors are lovely as well.

  3. your scarf is turning nicely done....I haven't tried crochet thread to make a scarf..you've just given me an idea :)


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