Sooo Lucky

I am indeed such a lucky gal. I used to post here and bother everyone else about how my mails were late and all that stuff. Well, just this afternoon, I went to the PO to pick up a parcel, from whom I do not know yet. I wasn't really expecting a huge package but I was shock to see that the Parcel Staff went out with a package as big as a shoe box! Whoa! You just can't imagine my shock! I was grinning as soon as the PO personnel handed over the package and I signing the record book until on our way home. Nothing can piss me off and I feel so happy.

[The photo we took as soon as we got out of the post office]

[7 Days of (Small) Surprises from Betty (sewcrazy of Swap-bot)]

I am so loving Betty right now! I was so giddy and excited that I received a surprise package. I was actually expecting a bag from Canada but this totally blew me away. It was indeed a surprise and Kris can't help but get carried away. He even took photos of me while opening the package but I am so not gonna post it here, hahaha!

Kris even asked me if I prefer small but many items instead of one big thing. He's pretty grand when giving gifts to me, he likes to call it "one time, big time gift" while I prefer giving him small things on regular days. I am an impulsive buyer after all so I always go home with a shopping bag for him, usually shirts and things he could use, or a wallet which I recently bought for him while shopping for a gift for someone else, haha! While he actually gave me an MP3 player which is actually worth thousands of pesos and I find it enough for me that will last for a couple of years of gifts. And believe it or not, I am actually selfish when it comes to items that are given to me so nobody actually got the chance to use my player other than myself and Kris. Some people find it too much but that's how I value things that are given to me. I am pretty sentimental, you know.

And come to think of it, I actually received good vibes with the Marikina PO personnels, who were actually infamous when it comes to paying Custom tariffs, well I only got to talk to two of them. But I would still prefer the PO in Cubao because most of the personnel are so helpful. And we also tried looking for the mailman in our area but all we could find was his motorcycle. I will still pursue with the lockbox in Cubao PO though.

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  1. i totally understand how you feel. =) i too received two packages from a friend in Indiana a few months ago, containing lotsa lotsa make-up and what-have-you! that really made my day. =)


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