Mails & Zines

It's been so long ne.

Went to my father's place as usual and spent some time with my nephew and dad and also got some time to read some of my books again. It's nice to go there and two weeks worth of mails are there waiting for me. I don't know why but I feel jealous that my uncle (who lives next door) accepted my mail for me instead of me. You see I love receiving mails, especially everytime our postman would shout our last name and I would rush to the gate and found him gone but a letter sticking out of the mail box. It's always like that then. He's like a Santa to me, anxiously waiting for his arrival for my deliveries. Though I seldom see his face now, and wasn't really able to talk to him personally, I really really appreciate the kind of work that he has done for us. If only I could find a way to at least give him a thank you gift personally. My mom used to do that for them (postman, collectors and other delivery men) and usually miss them and the gifts would be given away to someone else because it's been weeks or even months that we can't get in touch with them.

I finally made something new. These two sets (two photos above) are zines I made for a swap and so darn proud of it for a first timer. Look, they're even hand bound! Next time, I'll make something with different kinds of papers and of a more complicated bookbinding.

And these two photos below are some of the stuff I received from a swap. New addition to my embroidery flosses as if telling me to make something that I should have been doing, haha! I am only good at planning things in my head but I never really really had the chance to follow the things that I plan.

I prefer the freedom of spontaneity. I do things depending on my mood. And during these times, where it's cold and always raining, I feel somehow dejected. It started in college, I always feel this way, and it's happening again, every year, always the same season, always the same feeling. My body clock totally shifted and I can't sleep at night. I can stay awake for the whole 48 hours and still haven't done anything productive.

It's been seven years now and nothing really changes.

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