Rainy Days and Monday

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It's been raining recently, mostly in the afternoon. Kind of weird because I have AccuWeather here in my sidebar and the results are totally different. Remember when I had sunburns in my upper lip when I mailed some mails, the weather report says Cloudy with 26°C temperature but I had sunburns and I've got gazillions of melanin in my system because I'm not really fair. Now, it's raining so hard I can hardly hear the sound of my keyboards while typing and it says Cloudy with 25°C temperature and calm winds. Hah! I hope I can find some incontrovertible weather report.

During these kind of days, I love slacking off, reading a nice book while sipping on my hot coffee with extra cream. But I've got no nice book handy and I don't want to spend on other books because I'm reserving my savings for some Japanese craft books that I'm planning to buy. Unfortunately, I don't have an afghan to comfort me as of now but we do have a military blanket that is so rough yet gives enough comfort during cold nights. But for those who don't have any of these comforters they tend to be more sickly.

A trick my father used on me because I'm such a sickly baby and prone to colds and coughs, as I've mentioned because of my immune system, he whip up a citrus juice that tastes like tea and even looks like is. See?

I used 12 (or maybe more) juicy green kalamansi/calamondin sliced on the upper portion slightly avoiding the seeds (because cut seeds will make it somewhat bitter) then squeeze the juice in your cup without using any strainer.

After juicing it all up, use your fork to remove the seeds leaving those tiny juicy bits behind.

Add some hot water and take note, do not add sugar unless you want it as a cold drink.

Now the tea-trick, add some honey according to your taste. You can be abundant with this because honey is good for the body. The honey gives that tea-like color and taste and it's extra healthy.

If you are really sick, you might want to take a teaspoon/tablespoon of honey before drinking the kalamansi juice because it's good for the body and it is actually recommended for alternative medicines and it is proven to strengthen your immune system. I am sickly and I can testify to the honey's effect. Don't worry about the taste because it isn't really sweet, more on a sweet woodsy type and it smells kind of wood.

If you're looking for honey for your tea or this juice, I wouldn't recommend buying in the grocery store, they are too sweet as if they are sugar syrup. Better go to the nearest bee farm in your area. In the Philippines, that would be Cavite to Metro Manila residents and some farms up north. Though I haven't tried the honey in Cavite because we usually buy our supply somewhere north (Ilocos I think) but the bee farm in Cavite has been featured so many times on television and newspapers and I love to see the bees face to face. Haha!

By the way, I won't be able to update in the weekends because I'll be staying in my father's house in Manila and our computer is invalid so I will have some bonding time with Popeye and Papa. Let's see if I can persuade my father to teach me how to cook Caldereta or Adobong Pusit because he's got the best recipe ever. My officemates can even attest to that. I also love my mother's version of Caldereta with ultra spicy and ultra thick cream sauce. That's the only white Calderata I'm aware of.

Do you guys have any idea how I can whip up my version?


Black Motif and Weekends


Black Motif
Originally uploaded by gene + experiments

I've been neglecting my crochet projects recently because of my still stressed right thumb but that didn't stop me in making this black motif. It's not that even so I still have to make another one maybe with a better conditioned thumb and its just so hard to work with black thread. But I want to make about four or five more of this for a special project that I saw in the world wide web. And just seeing other people's blogs makes me want to be like Shiva with four arms, two for crocheting, one for writing and one for eating, hah!

Since I am no Shiva and so normal (Thank God for that) with two strong arms, I'll have to stick with crocheting flat repetitive patterns while chanting my Nihongo lessons.

We have a quiz tomorrow it's starting to scare me! Our class two Saturdays ago have gained about 30 Nihongo words, 10 Hiragana characters, constructing introductory greetings and sentences used inside the classroom. Thank God for Cat-sensei and to the other two sensei, Ong-sensei and Pascua-sensei who taught us. Weird though, we met two sensei who are both Chinese and I'm somewhat confused if they're speaking in Chinese or Japanese, haha! I'm bad. Jodan desu. (Just kidding.)


Swap Update 09262007

This new community is making me all excited. I had just fulfilled my first swap hoping my package won't go astray and anticipating for my package to arrive. The idea of creative swap is really refreshing. At least my brain is no longer in its dull mode and is actually working at its best, though my right thumb is somewhat injured and my left thumb had a paper cut. Must be because of crocheting too tight and the endless cutting and sewing of things for the swaps and the paper cut is due to the card stock I used as backing. I feel bad because I didn't make the swaps as I planned it in my head. Guess my daydreaming head worked overtime and left me in the dark while doing the swaps. I have originally planned of making three felt books with crocheted cover for the Photo Inchies swap but my right thumb isn't cooperating for quite sometime now, I was able to finish one complete (crochet + felt) book and one crocheted book cover and one felt book. I have planned of making it into editions but I have disappointed myself and made just one.

Click the photo to see the other sets.

To round up this post, here are the list of my swaps.

Photo Inchies (Sent 09262007)
  • FarStarr
  • LipsLikeSugar
  • lindall
Gain exposure to your blog!

Digital photo swap – theme: pet

New to ATCs Swap and Critique (Int'l)

Trigger Happy - Circle

Just Stuff #3

Red Ribbon for awareness

Christmas Card Swap

Whew! I have my hands full till the end of the year. I just hope someone would make a swap for March celebrants.

And here are the list of my forum swaps: (i.e. Swap tags, one on one trades)

Promised an item to:
  • phatelara - something made of yarn (I wish for... tag 09262007 but will send after 10152007)
  • Kathy - private gift to her sister (Note: Bring to Nihongo Class on 09292007)
  • Isy - private gift - Hanazakari no Kimitachi e DVD
Those who will grant my wish:
  • ♥ KimyCate ♪♫ - 10 ATC sized cardstocks (Swap tag 09242007)
I must say this thing is really addicting.


Looking for the right lip balm

I am not a person of cosmetics.

I mean, my make-up kit consists of a pressed powder with SPF 15 (limited edition from Avon that I had when I was still working and I can't find any of it now so I'm still with my old one,) Avon Glimmersticks Eye Liner and limited edition Avon Mascara (that I also can't find any right now.) These make-ups last for more than a year because I seldom use them and I'm not into doing retouch every now and then because of the weather here. And I don't use lipsticks either instead I used lip tints (from Avon and The Body Shop) but these tints tend to dry your lips so I end up giving those tints away plus it doesn't taste good and I have a habit of licking my lips. So I turn to Nivea Cherry Lip Balm (and also Strawberry) that gives a little tint of red but I didn't really like the shade that it shows. Guess it doesn't work well with my lips/saliva's acidity. I also tried Chapstick in Strawberry and Cherry because I love the smell but the taste isn't that addicting (but the smell is so addicting!) and I tend to put some more that one would think I just had an oily meal.

I got so addicted to lip balms when I was in high school. The heat here is so unbearable I tend to have burning sensation in the moustache area (the skin between your nose and upper lip) and my lips are always dry despite liters of liquids. My high school friend and i used this Nivea tube that says heal you chapped lips but the side effect of the formula is so stingy in the lips so we stopped using that and sticked to Chapstick, then Nivea then Blistex. I'm juggling among this brands. My favorite as of now are Nivea Lip Care Repair & Protection with SPF (for regular days) and Blistex Lip Infusion Moisture Splash with SPF 15 (for going out, it's a lip gloss I think.) Though these two doesn't have that sweet taste and nice smell I have to stick with it because Nivea is for protection and Blistex Lip Infusion is for the gloss and it gives a nice tint that complements the color of you lips (See left photo.)

Unfortunately, The only respectable lip balm here are Chapstick, Blistex Nivea and The Body Shop (their Lippy Lippy Balm are sweet and smells really good but I don't like the oily gloss.) I'm not really aware of other brands because honestly I'm scared of trying them out. And some respectable brands are so absurdly priced for a lip balm.

So I searched the net for some feedbacks and I found this blog that reviews lip balms which I think is really helpful, that is if you live in the US and have access to these lip balms. Prices are just right but it can be quite costly if you're going to ship it to Manila. But what interests me most are those home made lip balms that are all organic and lip balms in cute presentations. Check out Emily the Strange Lip Balms in my favorite color combination, but these cutesy are only available for sale in Ebay. There's also Hot Topic lip balms but their shipping are really pricey because their using private couriers. *sigh*

I have also joined a lip balm swap in Swap-bot but the swap has been canceled for some reason and has been re-opened for US residents only. How unfortunate.

Do you guys have any recommendations for a better lip balm? My lips and it's surrounding have this burning sensation due to extreme heat when I mailed the letters early this morning and my lip balms are not really working at all.


Found in Flickr: bibby

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Originally uploaded by NeedleNoodles

These are so cute!

I saw some crocheted bibs before but not this cute! I'm going to make a lot for my godchildren for Christmas. They are so cute I want them for myself! But I would look silly on them instead of being cute. Geez, I want to go back to being a kid.

By the way these cutesy bibs are made by NeedleNoodles and patterns are available in her etsy shop.


Photo Inchies Swap

Photo Inchies Swap in swap-bot.com

This is the first of the three sets that I will be mailing out on Monday. Photos are not exactly 1 x 1 instead I made the card stocks in a one inch square to serve as a border to the pictures. I used my Starbucks planner as a drying rack.

I will post the finished products here once all three of my swap partners receive their package. But just a hint, I crocheted something for the swap. It's not just a photography swap on my part but also a craft swap. You'll understand once you see them.

I'm excited to receive my packages! Yay!


Lip Balm Cozy

Something to accompany my wallet.

I just love lip balms and its just hard to have your wallet, cellphone and lip balm all in your hand during those times that you're not in the mood to bring your purse or bag. Though I already made a Cellphone Wristlet before, there's still the lip balm that ends up tucked in my pocket.

But what happens if I don't have a pocket?

Inspired from Mimi's free pattern, I made my version of a Lip Balm Cozy using my left-over Monaco cotton thread size 8 and 1.5 mm steel hook. I did this working in rounds with a single crochet ending it with 6 chains for the loop where I connected my key chain.


I have been tagged

Here are the rules:
Once tagged, you must link to the person who tagged you. Then post the rules before your list, and list 8 random things about yourself. At the end of the post, you must tag and link to 8 other people, visit their sites, and leave a comment letting them know they've been tagged.

So,,,, here we go!!
Riohnna tagged me!

8 Things About me...

1. I'm a nocturnal person (I'm writing this 0248 hours in the morning)
2. I'm addicted to coffee I can't sleep without my dose of caffeine.
3. I can't eat street foods because my system is prone to virus.
4. None of my friends knew about this craft lab.
5. I've been bitten by a dog three times. The last two incidents had me rushed to the hospital and went out with a total of 18 stitches on my face. (first one had 12 stitches and second one was 6 stitches)
6. I'm an occasional OC. I arrange my CD/DVD collection alphabetically. I'm also a cluttered person and I'm at ease with my own clutter. I know where the items are piled and I don't want anyone touching my own mess.
7. I love looking into small details that people often disregard.
8. I have a perfect sense of direction. I can easily read maps and can remember places even if I've been there once, some sort of photographic memory.

These are the 8 things about me. Now, my turn to tag 8 more people. You don't have to do your 8 things about yourself but, it's up to you.



WIP - Star Afghan 09162007

I am so pleased with the yarn that I bought. It's so soft and really made for babies.

The pattern is courtesy of yarn-diva and it's so easy I get the hang of it after a couple of rows. I can't wait to finish this afghan and make another one of the different designs. I just like making blankets for babies because the colors are really cute and the yarn is so soft.

I'm still in the look-out for other patterns that are best for babies. This one is already reserved as a gift to my grandchild for Christmas. Perfect for the cold weather.

I have one concern though because the base of the yarn is yellow and Ice is a boy but I think it will work just fine since yellow is a neutral color for both sex. And add the fact that I really want him to have this. It's the first afghan that I'm making and the future blankets in my project list are for charity and with this lovely yarn, I want the best gift for my new grandchild.

I started this pattern in the middle of last week and I've neglected it yesterday because I had Nihongo classes and I had a meeting with one of my closest friend. Its her birthday on Wednesday and sad to say, I haven't started the wristlet for her. Sorry Katz.


Fiber Freak

I am so sinful!

I know I cursed all the local yarns made of acrylic but when I saw this, I just couldn't resist! It's a Red Heart Soft Baby in Powder Yellow Twinkle (Sorry for the bad photography) and I'm making a Star Afghan right now (see pattern here by yarn-diva). It's made by the same company but this yarn is imported (I wonder if it would cost me less if I order online, any idea?)

Oh, forget about the Ripple Afghan I posted weeks before. This yarn is love and I just couldn't resist holding it. It's soft and smooth I so want it for myself and I can't afford to buy another skein of Red Heart because this cutie is so darn expensive!

I'll finish my afghan first with this lovely yarn then Ill try the peppermint thread from DMC, its so yummy I would have bought it then if I haven't hammered the work broke into my head. Yes, my experimentations cost a lot and I don't have sufficient income to cover the expenses. Darn it!

This is another surprise. Remember my previous post about yarns sold per kilo. Kris brought me to the store his aunt was telling me about and we bought a grab bag of threads! Whoa! That's one kilo of thread and I just couldn't comprehend!

I didn't buy yarns because I hate 100% acrylic that are made locally because its so tough and rough and difficult to work with. The red thread is for a dear friend Kathy whose birthday is in the coming 19th and I haven't started my project yet.

Way to go with your organization Gene!

Anyway, there's ecru/cream, gray, black and the two grayish thread in the bottom are actually military green but the camera flash spoils the color. The small ball in the side of the brown big ball is a free thread from the sales person. Though some thread have stains, I think it would be fine once washed so I'm really, really looking forward into making gift items for my friends. Now I still have to find a way to embellish my soon to be projects.

I just love to be loved. Thanks very much KC!


Ice cream anyone?

It's so hot recently and I want some ice cream fix but couldn't go out to the store because no one's gonna drive for me. So I spent my hot lazy afternoon crocheting spare yarns that are too tough for the project I'm supposed to be doing.

Who wants some Vanilla?

Coffee Crumble maybe?

How about Chocolate and Coffee combo?

It's the first time I see white cones with pink lining. Well, to tell you the truth, it's supposed to be a cake but figured that the pattern doesn't work for me because I don't want my cake with seams, would you? And I really don't like acrylic yarn because they're hard to work with. But I'll have the pattern as inspiration instead and make one with my own pattern.
The ice cream are some of my favorite flavors and the only useful threads I have in my stash right now. I know I have to work hard to improve my thread/fiber collection. It's hard making something and find out that you cannot continue with the project because you have a not so dependable stash of items. I still need to buy buttons embroidery stuff and felt for my swap this October and I still need to go back to my father's place to get my beads. That also gives me reason to visit my old man. I miss my father so much and it's been almost a month since I last saw him and my favorite pal with four legs, Popeye the sailor dog, haha! I miss my father's cooking. I just couldn't get him to write down his recipe, he uses rough estimates but it work well with him but not with me. Heck!


Cellphone Wristlet

A long overdue post.

Since I'm new to the crocheting thing again, I have to take baby steps and start on small project first before plunging into bigger responsibilities. The easiest of them all is a cellphone pouch. (Though in the kit that I had said it's a bookmark)

This is also considered my first design and I haven't seen anyone posted something like this and it's somehow an ego booster, haha! Plus you can't really find something like this because not anyone has a phone similar to mine and I designed it specifically for my phone and my own needs. so there.

I have used different kinds of cellphone pouches but they seem to match my phone needs. Mostly are too tight with no locks so my phone slips out and fly from somewhere else. With this one there's enough space for my phone to breath, Sam (my phone's name) is claustrophobic so this would suit her well and the handle serves as a lock for the purse so Sam won't go anywhere else. Plus I can wear the wristlet in the public, shop and there's no way someone can snatch my phone from me even with their tricky fingers!
+ + +
This project used Monaco cotton thread size 8 shade B62 for that sack look and steel hook size 9 by Imia. Sorry by I cannot explain the gauge specifics because I am really not used to that. This pattern also work in rounds so don't join unless stated and mark the beginning of each row.
Pattern: Cellphone (Sack) Wristlet
*This pattern uses US crochet term.
ch 31
FS: SC in the second chain from hook, 1 SC in each of the following chain (28 SC) except the last chain where 2 SC will be made, 1 SC in each of the following chain (29 SC) on the other side of the chain. (total of 60 SC)
R1-R29: HDC in each of the following SC around. (60 HDC)
R30: 11 HDC, ch 5, skip 8 HDC and start new HDC on the ninth stitch from the last HDC before the chain (this will serve as the slot for the strap you will be making), then continue HDC around until the next row (11 HDC, 5 ch, 41 HDC)
R31: 11 HDC, 8 HDC in the 5 ch you made in the previous row, 22 HDC in each of the following HDC,
[Start of Strap] 8 HDC, (ch 2 and turn [this will serve as first HDC in the row], 7 HDC) repeat 59 times , sl st in the back loops of the 8 HDC you made in the beginning of the strap[End of Strap]
11 HDC then fasten off.
Whew! My very first pattern made into words.
DISCLAMER: This pattern in made via photographic memory and has not been tested by anyone. Please email me at geneinthebattle@gmail.com or leave a message for any corrections.
Gennie Pascual © 2007, posted 09112007, 1330 hours Manila Time.

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.
Please leave a comment if you have tried this pattern and it would be love to show your finish projects. *kisses*


Plastic Garden Coaster

Finally! The end product of what I bought yesterday.

A really easy pattern but really hard to make because of the material. I had blisters after doing this. Made while doing my 3C task (crochet-coffee-computer.) This is perfect for plant pots indoors or outdoors. It's made of plastic so it won't be a problem if you leave this in your garden all year round. I still have three more colors left but those will have to wait, I still need to heal my blistered hands before going through the torture again. Bittersweet that is.

The pain is all worth it.

Shopping Stash: 09.07.2007

Two hours after lunch (and a couple of minutes because I was late, sorry Mimi!) I met up with Mimi and her friend for the items that I ordered from her. I was so excited from the previous days about my orders and she gave in into my desperation.

The items I ordered are Cannon Metallics and three Inox hooks (available in Mimi's site) and the lady is kind enough to stash in some free patterns. I love free patterns! Check out her wonderful paper bag! I loved peppermint colors or we usually call here Christmas colors, haha! And super kind for giving me her latest doily that is perfect for the Christmas. Thanks Mimi! Filipinos as you have known celebrate Christmas season for months! We are festive folks and we love to share our love just for the spirit of Christmas.
Mimi also showed me her finished projects including the bag (which I so love by the way) which she designed herself. And also gave me some points in some crochet styles. Good thing we met in person or I wouldn't have seen her personally and add the inspiration she brought and the suggestions she made with the first pattern that I designed and for my WIP.

Hope to see you again Mimi.
+ + +

Can anyone guess what's this?

I was very inspired when I saw this and patterns are running around my head while I check every ball. I love the vibrant colors!


WIP: Classic Ripple Afghan 09032007

I love the color combination of this baby afghan.
(* Photo taken on September 3, 2007 and has progressed to a new level now but failed to take a photo.)

Crochet Hooks

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How can I be so ignorant!?

I just learned today that the size 9 hook that I'm using is 0.85 mm! What?!

That must be the reason why my motifs are super small!

Yesterday, I bought a size 4 steel hook that says 1.00 mm but it looks smaller than my size 9 hook. Geez!

And the Tulip hook that I have is 5/0 - 6/0 double ended which is 3.00 mm and 3.50 mm. Good thing I ordered 4.00mm from Mimi and a 1.5 mm and another 3.00 mm (all from Inox) just to make it sure that I have the right sizes.

I still have to update my tools but that's it for now.

Does anyone know where I can buy huge hooks, like 10mm hooks?

For hook conversions: Tulip Japan [via Crochetville]

Stripes and free pattern link

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When I decided that I'll reconcile my relationship with a crochet hook, I went blog-hopping and pattern hunting for free patterns that would be perfect for the beginners. Finding someone in the same country that offers free patterns is a big help because we really don't have many craft stores here in Manila, so I can get ideas as to where I could buy some items that I would need for the future projects.

To make it short, I stumbled upon Mimi's blog and learned that she offers free patterns that are easy to finish. Not only that, she also sells threads and hooks that are not available here and even surprised to learn that she also design for Coats Manila Bay. Wow!

Anyway, before I learned all that, I tried one of her free patterns, I was a lurker in her blog then. :D And only recently (err, just today) that I got the chance to take a photo of what I made.

It's just 1" X 1.5" and I used Cannon Multicolor Cotton Thread size 8 and Imia size 9 hook size. You can find the pattern [here]

+ + +

Here are the pictures of the two lovely kittens in the compound.

Kit and Kat. I just love their stripes!This is Kit. The one on the left above. Her fur is darker and the stripes are really prominent and she dodges every photo I take. She must be tired here. Haha!

Spilling the beans

WIP is currently in a very slow progress and I forgot to take recent photos of the project. I just couldn't get the hang of using bulky yarns and huge hooks but I'm getting there and hope to finish it soon. I want to change my major project and I'm so excited for the Christmas project I'm planning. I'd like to make something worthwhile with the future project and my brain is zooming with super fast forward plans. This would be the first Christmas that I'm trying to make my gifts with my own hands. First, because I'm unemployed so money issue is a factor, second I have so many spare time and I want to get busy with crocheting and last, I just want to do it and nothing can stop me, even a freaking headache and the lack of sleep.

Now on the
other project that I mentioned earlier, I'll show you some of the squares that I made for a supposedly Christmas project. I already made ten squares and I just couldn't have enough of it. The pattern is so easy to do and I just love the color of the thread that I made it with. Below is a Monaco cotton thread shade B62, but the flash totally dissolved the color and made it looked metallic but it's something like beige on the brown side.

This is a square from the Holiday Lights pattern from Coats & Clark which I love instantly. Unfortunately, I only have a size 9 (1.25 mm I think) hook and the result is just 1 1/2 inch square where it's supposed to be 2 1/2 inch square. So I'm planning to redo the project using bigger hooks. Stupid me, I didn't know how to check the gauge, I just crochet and crochet and crochet... Haha!

Just check out the colors! It reminds me of chocolate square biscuits I want to eat them instead! But don't worry, I already have plans for this extra cute squares so my efforts won't be wasted.


Future projects

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I just talked to Mimi through email and ordered a 3.0mm and 4.00 mm Inox aluminum hook! Now I'm really excited! And while I was experimenting with my other project, I learned from KC's aunt that they were once hooked with crocheting and showed me some items that they've done before. Talk about colorful throws! And I also learned that they made crocheted items for their nephews Christening souvenirs. Wow! Too bad they never got the chance to take photos of the said souvenirs. But I was lucky to see some other works that I already modified for such a short time and made it neater. I'll keep it a secret for now. But it would be a project feature for Christmas time, that would be enough clue for now. And also three more future projects for the Christmas season. I just need to finish my first project first and find some time for Christmas projects in between which I started doing now.

It also makes my heart happy that I was able to influence Nica, girlfriend of KC's brother to try crocheting. I couldn't believe that crocheting is not part of their sixth grade curriculum. The students in our school are probably lucky. So I gave her my unused white cotton thread, taught her how to chain and lend her my the companion booklet of Cozy Crochet Kit. She's excited to see the projects in the kit and in the Crochet Today magazine that I bought this week in Booksale. I just wish that Booksale will receive many back issues of crochet mags.

Also learned from KC's aunt that there's a store a few kilometer away that sells yarns in kilos! Would you believe? I'll be able to shop different kinds of yarns in bulk amounts! I just hope that the store is still open for they've shopped there many years ago.

Does anybody knows where to shop cheaper yarns in Divisoria?

It's just a 15 minute ride from our house in Manila. How about Quiapo?

+ + +

For those who like things fluffy...Cathy, the orphaned cat who decided to stay and live with us.

Featured Project: Classic Ripple Afghan

My first time trying out a ripple afghan and I'm making it for my soon to be grandchild, a son of my then officemates.

The pattern I used is from Cozy Crochet Kit.

And this is what I have so far. I used Monaco acrylic yarns, 4ply in shades 1 (white), 40 (baby blue,) and baby pink (30.) It's my first time using hook size G/6 (Tulip double-ended hook) so I'm have some difficulty going on with the project. It needs getting used to especially if you grew up using 1.25mm hooks.


Cozy Crochet Kit

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I was so glad to find out that National Bookstore has an ongoing sale for imported books. So I took advantage of the 20% discount for a new crochet book. I bought this wonderful kit Cozy Crochet Kit by Melissa Leapman and was glad to know that it has not only patterns but also set of crochet hooks in different sizes (in plastic) and a yarn included for the first project. It has 25 projects best for beginners.

Also, went to Maning's in Farmer's Mall to buy some threads and yarns. Unfortunately, Red Heart by Coats Manila Bay in white isn't available so I took Monaco yarns instead and cotton threads in wonderful chocolate color.

I'm planning to make cozies or motif for these threads but I'll talk about it in another post. This week's project is a Classic Ripple Afghan from the book that I bought.

Will post pictures later.