Future projects

I just talked to Mimi through email and ordered a 3.0mm and 4.00 mm Inox aluminum hook! Now I'm really excited! And while I was experimenting with my other project, I learned from KC's aunt that they were once hooked with crocheting and showed me some items that they've done before. Talk about colorful throws! And I also learned that they made crocheted items for their nephews Christening souvenirs. Wow! Too bad they never got the chance to take photos of the said souvenirs. But I was lucky to see some other works that I already modified for such a short time and made it neater. I'll keep it a secret for now. But it would be a project feature for Christmas time, that would be enough clue for now. And also three more future projects for the Christmas season. I just need to finish my first project first and find some time for Christmas projects in between which I started doing now.

It also makes my heart happy that I was able to influence Nica, girlfriend of KC's brother to try crocheting. I couldn't believe that crocheting is not part of their sixth grade curriculum. The students in our school are probably lucky. So I gave her my unused white cotton thread, taught her how to chain and lend her my the companion booklet of Cozy Crochet Kit. She's excited to see the projects in the kit and in the Crochet Today magazine that I bought this week in Booksale. I just wish that Booksale will receive many back issues of crochet mags.

Also learned from KC's aunt that there's a store a few kilometer away that sells yarns in kilos! Would you believe? I'll be able to shop different kinds of yarns in bulk amounts! I just hope that the store is still open for they've shopped there many years ago.

Does anybody knows where to shop cheaper yarns in Divisoria?

It's just a 15 minute ride from our house in Manila. How about Quiapo?

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For those who like things fluffy...Cathy, the orphaned cat who decided to stay and live with us.

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