Rainy Days and Monday

It's been raining recently, mostly in the afternoon. Kind of weird because I have AccuWeather here in my sidebar and the results are totally different. Remember when I had sunburns in my upper lip when I mailed some mails, the weather report says Cloudy with 26°C temperature but I had sunburns and I've got gazillions of melanin in my system because I'm not really fair. Now, it's raining so hard I can hardly hear the sound of my keyboards while typing and it says Cloudy with 25°C temperature and calm winds. Hah! I hope I can find some incontrovertible weather report.

During these kind of days, I love slacking off, reading a nice book while sipping on my hot coffee with extra cream. But I've got no nice book handy and I don't want to spend on other books because I'm reserving my savings for some Japanese craft books that I'm planning to buy. Unfortunately, I don't have an afghan to comfort me as of now but we do have a military blanket that is so rough yet gives enough comfort during cold nights. But for those who don't have any of these comforters they tend to be more sickly.

A trick my father used on me because I'm such a sickly baby and prone to colds and coughs, as I've mentioned because of my immune system, he whip up a citrus juice that tastes like tea and even looks like is. See?

I used 12 (or maybe more) juicy green kalamansi/calamondin sliced on the upper portion slightly avoiding the seeds (because cut seeds will make it somewhat bitter) then squeeze the juice in your cup without using any strainer.

After juicing it all up, use your fork to remove the seeds leaving those tiny juicy bits behind.

Add some hot water and take note, do not add sugar unless you want it as a cold drink.

Now the tea-trick, add some honey according to your taste. You can be abundant with this because honey is good for the body. The honey gives that tea-like color and taste and it's extra healthy.

If you are really sick, you might want to take a teaspoon/tablespoon of honey before drinking the kalamansi juice because it's good for the body and it is actually recommended for alternative medicines and it is proven to strengthen your immune system. I am sickly and I can testify to the honey's effect. Don't worry about the taste because it isn't really sweet, more on a sweet woodsy type and it smells kind of wood.

If you're looking for honey for your tea or this juice, I wouldn't recommend buying in the grocery store, they are too sweet as if they are sugar syrup. Better go to the nearest bee farm in your area. In the Philippines, that would be Cavite to Metro Manila residents and some farms up north. Though I haven't tried the honey in Cavite because we usually buy our supply somewhere north (Ilocos I think) but the bee farm in Cavite has been featured so many times on television and newspapers and I love to see the bees face to face. Haha!

By the way, I won't be able to update in the weekends because I'll be staying in my father's house in Manila and our computer is invalid so I will have some bonding time with Popeye and Papa. Let's see if I can persuade my father to teach me how to cook Caldereta or Adobong Pusit because he's got the best recipe ever. My officemates can even attest to that. I also love my mother's version of Caldereta with ultra spicy and ultra thick cream sauce. That's the only white Calderata I'm aware of.

Do you guys have any idea how I can whip up my version?

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  1. I'm not a big fan of calamansi and honey, but you're right, they're very good for the body's immune system.
    I haven't been to any bee farm, and I just buy Sue Bee honey in the supermarket, occasionally.


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