Shopping Stash: 09.07.2007

Two hours after lunch (and a couple of minutes because I was late, sorry Mimi!) I met up with Mimi and her friend for the items that I ordered from her. I was so excited from the previous days about my orders and she gave in into my desperation.

The items I ordered are Cannon Metallics and three Inox hooks (available in Mimi's site) and the lady is kind enough to stash in some free patterns. I love free patterns! Check out her wonderful paper bag! I loved peppermint colors or we usually call here Christmas colors, haha! And super kind for giving me her latest doily that is perfect for the Christmas. Thanks Mimi! Filipinos as you have known celebrate Christmas season for months! We are festive folks and we love to share our love just for the spirit of Christmas.
Mimi also showed me her finished projects including the bag (which I so love by the way) which she designed herself. And also gave me some points in some crochet styles. Good thing we met in person or I wouldn't have seen her personally and add the inspiration she brought and the suggestions she made with the first pattern that I designed and for my WIP.

Hope to see you again Mimi.
+ + +

Can anyone guess what's this?

I was very inspired when I saw this and patterns are running around my head while I check every ball. I love the vibrant colors!


  1. You're welcome, Gene! Looking forward to see your Christmas projects.
    Btw, aren't those the plastic strings used for packing?

  2. That's right Mimi! Saw it in SM yesterday and the thickness is pretty much like a bulky yarn but more sturdy. I'm making it as a project for the day. :D


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