Black Motif and Weekends

Black Motif
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I've been neglecting my crochet projects recently because of my still stressed right thumb but that didn't stop me in making this black motif. It's not that even so I still have to make another one maybe with a better conditioned thumb and its just so hard to work with black thread. But I want to make about four or five more of this for a special project that I saw in the world wide web. And just seeing other people's blogs makes me want to be like Shiva with four arms, two for crocheting, one for writing and one for eating, hah!

Since I am no Shiva and so normal (Thank God for that) with two strong arms, I'll have to stick with crocheting flat repetitive patterns while chanting my Nihongo lessons.

We have a quiz tomorrow it's starting to scare me! Our class two Saturdays ago have gained about 30 Nihongo words, 10 Hiragana characters, constructing introductory greetings and sentences used inside the classroom. Thank God for Cat-sensei and to the other two sensei, Ong-sensei and Pascua-sensei who taught us. Weird though, we met two sensei who are both Chinese and I'm somewhat confused if they're speaking in Chinese or Japanese, haha! I'm bad. Jodan desu. (Just kidding.)


  1. That's a pretty motif Gene, where did you find the pattern?
    Btw, why are you into Nihongo lessons, are you going to work in Japan?

  2. Thanks Mimi, but I think I have to work on it more. I found the pattern in www.anticraft.com


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