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I am so sinful!

I know I cursed all the local yarns made of acrylic but when I saw this, I just couldn't resist! It's a Red Heart Soft Baby in Powder Yellow Twinkle (Sorry for the bad photography) and I'm making a Star Afghan right now (see pattern here by yarn-diva). It's made by the same company but this yarn is imported (I wonder if it would cost me less if I order online, any idea?)

Oh, forget about the Ripple Afghan I posted weeks before. This yarn is love and I just couldn't resist holding it. It's soft and smooth I so want it for myself and I can't afford to buy another skein of Red Heart because this cutie is so darn expensive!

I'll finish my afghan first with this lovely yarn then Ill try the peppermint thread from DMC, its so yummy I would have bought it then if I haven't hammered the work broke into my head. Yes, my experimentations cost a lot and I don't have sufficient income to cover the expenses. Darn it!

This is another surprise. Remember my previous post about yarns sold per kilo. Kris brought me to the store his aunt was telling me about and we bought a grab bag of threads! Whoa! That's one kilo of thread and I just couldn't comprehend!

I didn't buy yarns because I hate 100% acrylic that are made locally because its so tough and rough and difficult to work with. The red thread is for a dear friend Kathy whose birthday is in the coming 19th and I haven't started my project yet.

Way to go with your organization Gene!

Anyway, there's ecru/cream, gray, black and the two grayish thread in the bottom are actually military green but the camera flash spoils the color. The small ball in the side of the brown big ball is a free thread from the sales person. Though some thread have stains, I think it would be fine once washed so I'm really, really looking forward into making gift items for my friends. Now I still have to find a way to embellish my soon to be projects.

I just love to be loved. Thanks very much KC!


  1. Hi Gene.

    As far as I know, buying imported thread locally is cheaper than buying it online. The shipping fee of online stores is really expensive casue most of them are located in the U.S.

    Can you tell me where the store that sells thread by the kilo is located? I'd like to check it out.

  2. I have figured just as much, thanks Aby!

    The store is in Rosario, just along the main road. You'll see a couple of stores lined up in the road but those threads/yarns have no identification so you just have to based it on the color that you like. I think their threads are factory reruns but still works well because they are cotton threads just like the branded ones.

  3. im curious, where is rosario?


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