Featured Project: Classic Ripple Afghan

My first time trying out a ripple afghan and I'm making it for my soon to be grandchild, a son of my then officemates.

The pattern I used is from Cozy Crochet Kit.

And this is what I have so far. I used Monaco acrylic yarns, 4ply in shades 1 (white), 40 (baby blue,) and baby pink (30.) It's my first time using hook size G/6 (Tulip double-ended hook) so I'm have some difficulty going on with the project. It needs getting used to especially if you grew up using 1.25mm hooks.


  1. That is looking good so far, I like the colors too :)
    But, it will be a bit thick and it will take up too much yarn. Maybe a bigger hook (4.00mm - 4.5mm) would result in a softer afghan.

  2. Yeah, I figured just as much. I'm planning to redo it again using cotton thread as you have mentioned in our meeting. But it will have to wait for our next meeting. :D


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