Looking for the right lip balm

I am not a person of cosmetics.

I mean, my make-up kit consists of a pressed powder with SPF 15 (limited edition from Avon that I had when I was still working and I can't find any of it now so I'm still with my old one,) Avon Glimmersticks Eye Liner and limited edition Avon Mascara (that I also can't find any right now.) These make-ups last for more than a year because I seldom use them and I'm not into doing retouch every now and then because of the weather here. And I don't use lipsticks either instead I used lip tints (from Avon and The Body Shop) but these tints tend to dry your lips so I end up giving those tints away plus it doesn't taste good and I have a habit of licking my lips. So I turn to Nivea Cherry Lip Balm (and also Strawberry) that gives a little tint of red but I didn't really like the shade that it shows. Guess it doesn't work well with my lips/saliva's acidity. I also tried Chapstick in Strawberry and Cherry because I love the smell but the taste isn't that addicting (but the smell is so addicting!) and I tend to put some more that one would think I just had an oily meal.

I got so addicted to lip balms when I was in high school. The heat here is so unbearable I tend to have burning sensation in the moustache area (the skin between your nose and upper lip) and my lips are always dry despite liters of liquids. My high school friend and i used this Nivea tube that says heal you chapped lips but the side effect of the formula is so stingy in the lips so we stopped using that and sticked to Chapstick, then Nivea then Blistex. I'm juggling among this brands. My favorite as of now are Nivea Lip Care Repair & Protection with SPF (for regular days) and Blistex Lip Infusion Moisture Splash with SPF 15 (for going out, it's a lip gloss I think.) Though these two doesn't have that sweet taste and nice smell I have to stick with it because Nivea is for protection and Blistex Lip Infusion is for the gloss and it gives a nice tint that complements the color of you lips (See left photo.)

Unfortunately, The only respectable lip balm here are Chapstick, Blistex Nivea and The Body Shop (their Lippy Lippy Balm are sweet and smells really good but I don't like the oily gloss.) I'm not really aware of other brands because honestly I'm scared of trying them out. And some respectable brands are so absurdly priced for a lip balm.

So I searched the net for some feedbacks and I found this blog that reviews lip balms which I think is really helpful, that is if you live in the US and have access to these lip balms. Prices are just right but it can be quite costly if you're going to ship it to Manila. But what interests me most are those home made lip balms that are all organic and lip balms in cute presentations. Check out Emily the Strange Lip Balms in my favorite color combination, but these cutesy are only available for sale in Ebay. There's also Hot Topic lip balms but their shipping are really pricey because their using private couriers. *sigh*

I have also joined a lip balm swap in Swap-bot but the swap has been canceled for some reason and has been re-opened for US residents only. How unfortunate.

Do you guys have any recommendations for a better lip balm? My lips and it's surrounding have this burning sensation due to extreme heat when I mailed the letters early this morning and my lip balms are not really working at all.


  1. I am not a regular user of lip balm, and I prefer the one with aloe from Forever Living. But now I am not able to buy it anymore. I use chapstick too. But my suggestion would be, not to use lip balm regularly because i think your lips are dryer whenever you're not using it. I tried to use facial moisturizer on my lips, and it seem to work better.

  2. Facial moisturizer? And you said it does work? Hmnn, I'm out of moisturizer as of now so I might as well get a new one, I'm just so lazy to go to stores this day because my driver/boyfriend is a lazy ass himself, LOL!

    What would you recommend? I'm thinking of Myra E moisturizer because it has vitamin E and it worked well with me before (both oral vitamins and the moisturizer.)I'm not really sure with Nivea because they products usually have whitening or SPF and it might not go well with my lips PH level.Hmnn...

  3. That's exactly what I've been using - Myra E moisturizer! But sometimes, I'm forgetful, and leave the house without putting on a moisturizer. Too bad, since as one gets older, the more one needs a moisturizer :p

  4. I use Burt's Bees lip balm. They also have a line of shimmers - that give a "hint" of color. They're all natural (even the colors) so they shouldn't react with your skin. Let me know and I can always send you some - I don't mind the shipping. Check out their website (www.burtsbees.com)

  5. Are you sure it's okay Ari? A lip balm would be fun! Thanks Ari, you're such an angel!


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