Lip Balm Cozy

Something to accompany my wallet.

I just love lip balms and its just hard to have your wallet, cellphone and lip balm all in your hand during those times that you're not in the mood to bring your purse or bag. Though I already made a Cellphone Wristlet before, there's still the lip balm that ends up tucked in my pocket.

But what happens if I don't have a pocket?

Inspired from Mimi's free pattern, I made my version of a Lip Balm Cozy using my left-over Monaco cotton thread size 8 and 1.5 mm steel hook. I did this working in rounds with a single crochet ending it with 6 chains for the loop where I connected my key chain.


  1. I love small projects like this...and aren't you so proud that you can make your own matching accessories anytime you want?

  2. That is so true Mimi! It's nice that one can easily be finished in just a short period of time. Still thinking on how I can make that purse because I still have so many projects in hand I can't finish them all at once so small projects are really good motivation.:D

  3. Love the lip balm cozy great job so cute. :)

  4. Thanks for the comment lesalicious.

    I still need to make another one for my lip gloss this time and hopefully in two shades of thread. :)


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