Plastic Garden Coaster

Finally! The end product of what I bought yesterday.

A really easy pattern but really hard to make because of the material. I had blisters after doing this. Made while doing my 3C task (crochet-coffee-computer.) This is perfect for plant pots indoors or outdoors. It's made of plastic so it won't be a problem if you leave this in your garden all year round. I still have three more colors left but those will have to wait, I still need to heal my blistered hands before going through the torture again. Bittersweet that is.

The pain is all worth it.


  1. Very cute...its up to you if you want to undergo the difficult part of making it ;) That is the reason why we use mercerized crochet threads - it just glides through our fingers.

  2. Thanks Mimi. Guess I'll have to find a bigger hook first. :D


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