Ice cream anyone?

It's so hot recently and I want some ice cream fix but couldn't go out to the store because no one's gonna drive for me. So I spent my hot lazy afternoon crocheting spare yarns that are too tough for the project I'm supposed to be doing.

Who wants some Vanilla?

Coffee Crumble maybe?

How about Chocolate and Coffee combo?

It's the first time I see white cones with pink lining. Well, to tell you the truth, it's supposed to be a cake but figured that the pattern doesn't work for me because I don't want my cake with seams, would you? And I really don't like acrylic yarn because they're hard to work with. But I'll have the pattern as inspiration instead and make one with my own pattern.
The ice cream are some of my favorite flavors and the only useful threads I have in my stash right now. I know I have to work hard to improve my thread/fiber collection. It's hard making something and find out that you cannot continue with the project because you have a not so dependable stash of items. I still need to buy buttons embroidery stuff and felt for my swap this October and I still need to go back to my father's place to get my beads. That also gives me reason to visit my old man. I miss my father so much and it's been almost a month since I last saw him and my favorite pal with four legs, Popeye the sailor dog, haha! I miss my father's cooking. I just couldn't get him to write down his recipe, he uses rough estimates but it work well with him but not with me. Heck!


  1. That looks cute for a crocheted cake...or a cone.
    Btw, my favorite is coffee crumble...though I don't eat much ice cream since its fattening and I don't burn enough calories with my daily routine :p

  2. I seldom eat ice cream these days and I miss eating sweets and something cold because of the weather here. Thank God for the rain once in a while. We have reason to cuddle up.


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