Spilling the beans

WIP is currently in a very slow progress and I forgot to take recent photos of the project. I just couldn't get the hang of using bulky yarns and huge hooks but I'm getting there and hope to finish it soon. I want to change my major project and I'm so excited for the Christmas project I'm planning. I'd like to make something worthwhile with the future project and my brain is zooming with super fast forward plans. This would be the first Christmas that I'm trying to make my gifts with my own hands. First, because I'm unemployed so money issue is a factor, second I have so many spare time and I want to get busy with crocheting and last, I just want to do it and nothing can stop me, even a freaking headache and the lack of sleep.

Now on the
other project that I mentioned earlier, I'll show you some of the squares that I made for a supposedly Christmas project. I already made ten squares and I just couldn't have enough of it. The pattern is so easy to do and I just love the color of the thread that I made it with. Below is a Monaco cotton thread shade B62, but the flash totally dissolved the color and made it looked metallic but it's something like beige on the brown side.

This is a square from the Holiday Lights pattern from Coats & Clark which I love instantly. Unfortunately, I only have a size 9 (1.25 mm I think) hook and the result is just 1 1/2 inch square where it's supposed to be 2 1/2 inch square. So I'm planning to redo the project using bigger hooks. Stupid me, I didn't know how to check the gauge, I just crochet and crochet and crochet... Haha!

Just check out the colors! It reminds me of chocolate square biscuits I want to eat them instead! But don't worry, I already have plans for this extra cute squares so my efforts won't be wasted.


  1. Hi Gene, I'm glad you're now sharing your projects, they're lovely! I like that square motif too, and I do have brown as one of my favorite colors.
    I can see how much you have learned in crochet in such a short time.

  2. Thanks Mimi! I remember the color of the bag and I so love it! I can't wait for our next next meeting.


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