What keeps me sane

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... is photography.

Photography by: Erick Dantoc


Japanese Magazines

Since late last year, I've been collecting Japanese magazines like crazy. I currently have 19 mooks in total and wishing to add more in the coming months.

The magazines I have here in the photo are mostly sewing magazines. I especially love those bag making magazines. I just want to have them all. The patterns are so amazing and I won't be surprised if I find myself suddenly hand-stitching one. But just thinking about it makes it so troublesome, right.

Anyway, the first batch of my collection were given to me by K-kun while the latest addition were bought in a local bookstore. Would you believe that we have these wonderful magazines sold locally. I would spend a day's worth of salary just for these mooks, it's crazy! If only I could save enough money for a decent sewing machine. It's my dream to at least make clothes and bags based on these mooks.

What makes you crazy these days?


Mutya's Trial

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At last. We were able to hold down our little cat/squirrel and make her a little bit calm. At least that's her reaction up close. She's feisty when it comes to real dogs though.

I woke up at 9 in the morning.
It may sound normal to you but it's the first time in months that it happened to me.
It's my sleeping time actually.
Really great.
And really hot.
Scorching hot.

Have some sago't gulaman.


Kabuwanan sa Cubao Expo: An Artists' Fair

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K-kun and I met up with Erick-senpai to check out An Artists' Fair in Cubao Expo. I've been wanting to visit the said area. It's just 15 minutes drive away from our place and there are really great stores that sell second-hand books, some are thrift shops, antique shops, artworks of independent artists and a fantastic Italian restaurant and some newly established food places and art spaces at the same time. Another reason why I went there is to check out new artworks made by my online friend Katrina Pallon whose works really inspire me to work hard in photography.

Above are some of Katrina's works. You can buy her intricately made paintings, masks and prints in her Multiply site.

Katrina (smiling) in their booth in Cubao Expo.

Pallon with her band Scarlet Tears.
Pallon's mask collection on display in The Reading Room. I would love to have them all!
Finally, a crocheted doily found in an antique shop.

There are actually a lot of different creative things to be found in this Artists' Fair. Some hand-sewn bags, shirts, stuffies and a lot of accessories and jewelries. You can see more of my photos in my Flickr and Multiply page.


Oberappu Sukato WIP

making small progress with my skirt.
now in R23.
looking good.
it looks like a scarf.

what do you think?
off to the laundry now.
enjoy the summer heat.
i don't.