Japanese Magazines

Since late last year, I've been collecting Japanese magazines like crazy. I currently have 19 mooks in total and wishing to add more in the coming months.

The magazines I have here in the photo are mostly sewing magazines. I especially love those bag making magazines. I just want to have them all. The patterns are so amazing and I won't be surprised if I find myself suddenly hand-stitching one. But just thinking about it makes it so troublesome, right.

Anyway, the first batch of my collection were given to me by K-kun while the latest addition were bought in a local bookstore. Would you believe that we have these wonderful magazines sold locally. I would spend a day's worth of salary just for these mooks, it's crazy! If only I could save enough money for a decent sewing machine. It's my dream to at least make clothes and bags based on these mooks.

What makes you crazy these days?


  1. I am looking for jpanese crochet books whenever I go to the bookstore. I've collected several, but I also bought one of those in your collection - the one with the appliques for bags.
    I am wondering why those are priced low...but its a blessing since I can still resell it at a good price ;)

  2. Yeah, it's really hard to find Japanese crochet books locally. So far, I only have three, one of them were from the first batch of magazines. I also found the same magazines for sale in Divisoria for P120! And most of them were the same magazines that NBS were selling. Well, it seems that everything is not cheaper in Divisoria. And I'm really thankful that I could buy these mags at a cheaper price. Buying these mags for $20 each is just too much!

  3. Omg, those are yummy mags! If only we can buy those locally here. Got a couple from a friend in Japan and bought some online but the shipping is so expensive, it's enough to buy another mag. You're so lucky!

    Got here from Toni's blog, by the way. :)

  4. hi, i also have those magazines. ever since ate Mimi introduced them to me, I started collecting, you're right.. they're hard to find.. btw, just recently, they're on sale at National Bookstore, just stopping by......

  5. thanks for stopping by bugs_and_berries. haven't been to any national bookstore branches lately or i would have bought some more japanese magazines. they are so good to look at. it is but unfortunate that the will of being creative have utterly left my side.


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