Oberappu Sukato WIP

making small progress with my skirt.
now in R23.
looking good.
it looks like a scarf.

what do you think?
off to the laundry now.
enjoy the summer heat.
i don't.


  1. I like the color, you seem to like brown and ecru a lot. It looks youngish...is it going to be a mini skirt?

  2. I saw the book Amigurumi World and am psyched about starting my first crochet project. R23! Hey, I remember seeing that. Row 23, right? This blog inspires me to get crafty by crocheting.

  3. thansk mary! that's sweet of you! it motivates me knowing that my work inspires you. :)

    right, r23 is row 23. :) looking at those cute amigurumi made me pick up my hook again, unfortunately i hadn't made any progress on making those cute toys yet. and i'm working on finishing some wearables. japanese patterns are really interesting. you should sign up in ravelry.com there are a lot of free patterns there that you might be interested in. :)

    oh, i checked out your blog, i see that you have a little one. that might inspire you making wearables for your kid. a lot of really really cute patterns to choose from. :D

  4. Thanks Mimi! My original plan is somewhere mid-thigh. Something to use over my pants but I also felt that it would be great as a skirt alone so I'll make it longer, like the original pattern. I'll just have to wear a half slip inside.


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