Easy Payday Cash for Your Gadget Repair

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The people who love gadgets love everything about them. They use the devices, find new ways to update the tools and even take the electronics apart to see how they work. No one recommends taking your contraption apart if you are not a certified repair technician. But if you cannot take your gizmo apart, how will you get it repaired if it breaks?

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Imagine getting your reliable digital camera ready for your next hiking trip only to realize that it is not working. You leave for your trip in a few days and you don’t have the cash to get it fixed. But when you contact Paydayone.com and get a pay day loan, you will find the way to get cash quickly and get your camera fixed. The way that Paydayone.com helps gadget lovers keep their devices running smoothly is something every hobbyist can appreciate. The process is painless and simple, and the results are exactly what you expected.


Faxing Made Modern

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How many times have you heard that the fax machine go off in the office only to retrieve the print-out and discover the document is a spam? That is because a standard fax machine cannot differentiate between important and unimportant faxes.

Not only do these unwanted faxes waste resources like expensive ink and paper, but traditional faxing is simply not environmentally friendly. Email faxing with Metrofax is a quick way to cut waste and print only those faxes that require you to have a hard copy on file.

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The Role of Email Faxing in the Environment
Indeed, the effect of global warming has had on the environment has caused most businesses to check all practices that have an environmental impact. In addition to recycling paper and making receptacles available for the proper disposal of metal, cardboard, and plastic, companies are replacing typical light bulbs with halogen lights.

Along these lines, email faxing allows a company to transfer a typical paper fax into a digital copy and then attaching that fax to an email. This method saves paper and ink, and much improves the ability to organize faxes for quick access when you need them.

How much paper gets used by fax machines each year you ask? Environmental source GreenFax claims that fax machines use more than 200 billion pages of paper each year in the U.S. alone! Can you imagine the number of trees that could be saved if just 10 percent of users made the switch to email faxing?


I'm a great pretender...not!

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As much as I love welcoming the New Year with a positive outlook, some people just go out of their way to annoy the life out of me.

The first week of 2012 has been good to me. I won in a giveaway (a PayPal cash prize of $50, woohoo!) by Dhadha of I Heart Contest. I was so excited when she announced it on Facebook and immediately sent her my PayPal email address. It was a fast transaction and I immediately received my cash prize. But earlier today, she was shocked when she received an email from some person pretending to be me, thanking her and telling to send my prize to his email address. Of course, the blog owner knew it was not me because she already sent me the prize.

Who is this person pretending to be me? 

I Heart Contest investigated the issue and learned that this person's email address is connected to a profile account. Stupid scammer, this Jay Martillo person.

So my message to this stupid person? Stop pretending to be someone else. Work hard. Join contests on your own. Or try your luck and play online bingo to win cash prize instead of scamming the rest of the world. 

Good luck to you and karma.


Google Doodle: New Year's Eve 2011

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Google creates a celebration doodle for 2011 New Year's Eve.

What a fun way to welcome 2012 the internet way. I guess Google created this to remind people to step away for a minute from the computer and celebrate the evening with real people, hahaha!