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How many times have you heard that the fax machine go off in the office only to retrieve the print-out and discover the document is a spam? That is because a standard fax machine cannot differentiate between important and unimportant faxes.

Not only do these unwanted faxes waste resources like expensive ink and paper, but traditional faxing is simply not environmentally friendly. Email faxing with Metrofax is a quick way to cut waste and print only those faxes that require you to have a hard copy on file.

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The Role of Email Faxing in the Environment
Indeed, the effect of global warming has had on the environment has caused most businesses to check all practices that have an environmental impact. In addition to recycling paper and making receptacles available for the proper disposal of metal, cardboard, and plastic, companies are replacing typical light bulbs with halogen lights.

Along these lines, email faxing allows a company to transfer a typical paper fax into a digital copy and then attaching that fax to an email. This method saves paper and ink, and much improves the ability to organize faxes for quick access when you need them.

How much paper gets used by fax machines each year you ask? Environmental source GreenFax claims that fax machines use more than 200 billion pages of paper each year in the U.S. alone! Can you imagine the number of trees that could be saved if just 10 percent of users made the switch to email faxing?

The Perks of Email Faxing in Businesses
Environmental reasons alone are not enough to convince most people and businesses to switch over to email faxing. However, there are legitimate savings associated with the switch that will perk the ears of any boss who works with a budget. For instance, the reams of paper required for a fax machine to function become a thing of the past. You can immediately call the paper supplier and tell him to cut the load back. A typical small business spends more or less $1,000 a year replacing cartridge ink, toner, and paper.

Email faxing also saves you in repair costs. When a fax machine breaks, it is doubtful anyone in the office knows how to fix it. Such problems simply don’t exist with email faxing. You can receive any fax at any time and it shows up just like an email would. In addition, email faxing comes with none of the problems found with a typical fax machine which include running out of paper, paper jams, busy signals, etc.

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Using email to fax is very inexpensive and typical plans come with a toll-free phone number. Modernize your faxing capabilities with saving yourself some money and reducing your carbon footprint.

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