Mimi's Breezy Shrug

I did it! The very first ever wearable that I finished for myself.

The pattern is by my crochet buddy Mimi. This is supposed to be a pattern test for her but I was so slow in making progress with my project plus I had trouble mixing and matching the appropriate hook to perfectly match the gauge. But once I got hold of the perfect hook, nobody can stop me in finishing this project. For a beginner like myself, you can finish this project in just one day. Well, in my case, I have work and lack sleep all the time so I finished most of it in my one day off work.
What I loved most about this pattern is it's flexibility to match your size perfectly. One can easily make adjustments for custom fitting. In my case, I have to add four more rows in the back area so the shrug can fit on my broad shoulder. Of course, it helped a lot that I have Mimi just an email away so we keep our correspondence so frequently I think she got annoyed already because I have so many questions, haha!
Another good thing about this project is I learned a lot about myself as a crocheter. For one, I was able to finish this because I really like the pattern. Second, realizing that I need to work on the uniformity of my tension, I started this project with tight stitches but finished it with loose stitches on the other arm. Third, my keen eyes was able to point out some things or make clarification with some parts of the pattern because as I've mentioned I'm still a newbie in the crochet world so I have so many confusions and have to clarify things. Lastly, I was inspired to make something with the stitches I learned from this pattern which I think is the most important thing, to be inspired to create.

I give my thanks to Mimi for entrusting the pattern testing to me. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot from you, Mimi-sensei!

To know more about the designer, visit Crochet and Other Stuff where she keeps you updated in her ongoing projects and pattern designs. Or you may visit her Google shop and Etsy for ordering this wonderful pattern. Just perfect for the summer season.

*I am giving the designer Mimi Alelis full permission to publish my photo for any blog post or gallery updates relating to the above mentioned pattern.


Eastern Dawn

Finally, I had my dose of 14 hours straight sleep. It's my way of making up for those working days with less sleep. I woke up early today. Around 0400 hours Manila Time. I helped Kris' mom cook breakfast and was in charged of the the Garlic Rice. I missed that smell! I think my father still make the best food in the world despite my many efforts of copying his recipe-less cooking. After having my first meal for the day, I stepped outside with my coffee mug. The cold wind welcomed me with the wonderful color splash of the eastern sky.

Here's what I witnessed:

It was refreshing!



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"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together."
- Vincent Van Gogh

So Soy

Today, K-kun and I met in Starbucks for a quick date. This is all what we can do to make up for the lost time, you see we have a very conflicting work schedule. Anyway, it's a long line before me and I'm still thinking what to order, should I have a hot or a cold drink? I was actually thinking of trying a new drink for a change. And then, there at the bottom of the glass display, my long lost love was waving at me, calling for my attention.

In 2006, I have decided to reduce intake of animal produce. Little by little, I stopped eating pork and discontinued drinking cow's milk. And that's where Soy Milk and I met. I am really not lucky in finding soy milk that is locally produced so I have to search for big grocery stores to buy imported soy milk. I was a fan of Vitasoy because I could easily get it in any SM malls plus it's relatively cheaper. Now that there's no SM grocery store near my place that sell this product, no soy milk for me for the past months. And I'm just glad that I saw Silk Soy Milk in Starbucks. It's twice the price of Vitasoy but now I can have my fix of soy milk anytime.

Did you know that you can request soy milk as an alternative for your non-fat milk in Starbucks and in Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf? They can do that for an additional charge but it works wonders with cold Green Tea. Try it! :)


So Little Time

Took a while to drag me out of bed,
Aim some coffee at my head,
Saw the clock Im running late,
Its an ordinary day.

And Im like a dog on head,
Knock one out and then fall asleep,
Its sad but true,
Id rather be with you.
Dont you forget about me,
When youre a celebrity,
It will be only you and me before too long.

So little time so much to do,
**Id rather spend my days with you.
So little time so much to do,
Id like to spend one day with you.
And if that day is not enough,
Maybe we can stay in touch...

+ + +

Spent 10 hours in the travel world to make a living;
02 hours traveling;
01 hour eating and sipping my nth cup of coffee;
01 hour procrastinating;
02 hours answering personal mails, going through Google Reader, IM with K-kun;
01 hour crocheting err... testing Mimi's pattern;
07 hours before the start of my shift.

No I haven't sleep yet.

I think I overdosed on pain killers early this day because one pill was not enough for my migraine and it's working overtime. I don't feel drowsy but I have to sleep. I need that sleep.

And I miss K-kun, a lot. We never had a decent time together.

On a brighter side, I am loving my new3/0-4/0 Double Pointed Tulip hook. Just the perfect size for Mimi's Breezy Shrug. Just perfect for my size 8 cotton thread. Just perfect for me.

The pattern is so easy to follow and so detailed you can easily make adjustments for custom fitting. Did I say that it's seamless? Well, it is! How cool is that! Oh, and you will only be needing at least one ball of cotton thread for the smallest size. You can also visit her blog for more details.

I must warn you though that this pattern is very addicting. In my case, it's pretty obvious why I don't have any sleep yet ne.


Ribbed Wristwarmer

An FO for the the first month of the year!

I'm so glad. I finished this easy project for K-kun. K-kun is actually my partner Kris but I feel like calling him K-kun because I find his reactions so animated recently, haha! Anyway, I woke up early last Tuesday and made him this wrist warmer. The pattern is by Alexandra Lockhart through Ravelry. I used Lion Brand Cotton-Ease and my favorite 4.00 mm crochet hook. I was able to finish the project in just one day which is a record breaker in my history because I tend to stop on my tracks and surf the net instead. And he loved it so much that I want to learn how to knit fast and make him a sweater.

Anyway, the pattern is free so you feel free to visit Hip Vintage Crochet so you can make one for yourself or for your loved one.