Mimi's Breezy Shrug

I did it! The very first ever wearable that I finished for myself.

The pattern is by my crochet buddy Mimi. This is supposed to be a pattern test for her but I was so slow in making progress with my project plus I had trouble mixing and matching the appropriate hook to perfectly match the gauge. But once I got hold of the perfect hook, nobody can stop me in finishing this project. For a beginner like myself, you can finish this project in just one day. Well, in my case, I have work and lack sleep all the time so I finished most of it in my one day off work.
What I loved most about this pattern is it's flexibility to match your size perfectly. One can easily make adjustments for custom fitting. In my case, I have to add four more rows in the back area so the shrug can fit on my broad shoulder. Of course, it helped a lot that I have Mimi just an email away so we keep our correspondence so frequently I think she got annoyed already because I have so many questions, haha!
Another good thing about this project is I learned a lot about myself as a crocheter. For one, I was able to finish this because I really like the pattern. Second, realizing that I need to work on the uniformity of my tension, I started this project with tight stitches but finished it with loose stitches on the other arm. Third, my keen eyes was able to point out some things or make clarification with some parts of the pattern because as I've mentioned I'm still a newbie in the crochet world so I have so many confusions and have to clarify things. Lastly, I was inspired to make something with the stitches I learned from this pattern which I think is the most important thing, to be inspired to create.

I give my thanks to Mimi for entrusting the pattern testing to me. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot from you, Mimi-sensei!

To know more about the designer, visit Crochet and Other Stuff where she keeps you updated in her ongoing projects and pattern designs. Or you may visit her Google shop and Etsy for ordering this wonderful pattern. Just perfect for the summer season.

*I am giving the designer Mimi Alelis full permission to publish my photo for any blog post or gallery updates relating to the above mentioned pattern.


  1. Woohoo...lovely Gene! Congrats!
    I think you did a pretty good and fast job on this. Really, I did not mind all the questions, and you did ask the right ones. Actually, I can't thank you enough for making this not only your first wearable, but also for helping me iron out my pattern.
    Ready for the next crochet wearable?...hehe...let me know.

  2. Thanks Mimi! I had a lot of fun, really.

    Another one coming? Of course I'm up for the challenge! :D

  3. I love it! Great pattern and a great crochet job.

  4. Thanks Jana! I still have to work on my tension though but it's a lovely pattern to start with so the FO is also lovely. :)


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