Eastern Dawn

Finally, I had my dose of 14 hours straight sleep. It's my way of making up for those working days with less sleep. I woke up early today. Around 0400 hours Manila Time. I helped Kris' mom cook breakfast and was in charged of the the Garlic Rice. I missed that smell! I think my father still make the best food in the world despite my many efforts of copying his recipe-less cooking. After having my first meal for the day, I stepped outside with my coffee mug. The cold wind welcomed me with the wonderful color splash of the eastern sky.

Here's what I witnessed:

It was refreshing!


  1. I love waking up before sunrise too! The view does look refreshing, but after a couple of hours the sun gets too bright and a little later its too hot to go out ;)

  2. I seldom witness the break of dawn so I appreciate that special moment though I really hate it afterwards. I just can't take how bright and hot the sun could get. I don't think I can handle the summer this time. It's only January yet it's so hot already!

  3. That's a beautiful shot!!

  4. Thanks Ari! It's very rare for me to get a shot like this.


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