So Soy

Today, K-kun and I met in Starbucks for a quick date. This is all what we can do to make up for the lost time, you see we have a very conflicting work schedule. Anyway, it's a long line before me and I'm still thinking what to order, should I have a hot or a cold drink? I was actually thinking of trying a new drink for a change. And then, there at the bottom of the glass display, my long lost love was waving at me, calling for my attention.

In 2006, I have decided to reduce intake of animal produce. Little by little, I stopped eating pork and discontinued drinking cow's milk. And that's where Soy Milk and I met. I am really not lucky in finding soy milk that is locally produced so I have to search for big grocery stores to buy imported soy milk. I was a fan of Vitasoy because I could easily get it in any SM malls plus it's relatively cheaper. Now that there's no SM grocery store near my place that sell this product, no soy milk for me for the past months. And I'm just glad that I saw Silk Soy Milk in Starbucks. It's twice the price of Vitasoy but now I can have my fix of soy milk anytime.

Did you know that you can request soy milk as an alternative for your non-fat milk in Starbucks and in Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf? They can do that for an additional charge but it works wonders with cold Green Tea. Try it! :)


  1. Starbucks is luxury I can't afford yet :p
    Btw, I'm also a fan of Vitasoy, though not regular drinker.

  2. It is a little luxury, it's just that we can't find a place to drink decent coffee. Though I would prefer spending that money with Nachos in Taco Bell, haha! I'm not really sure if Soy Milk can make you fat, an officemate told me about it, I didn't believe it at first because I spent my younger years eating Taho every morning and was having a hard time gaining weight. Ironically, I gained weight when I stopped eating pork and cow's milk and drinking soy milk instead. Though I wasn't able to continuously drink it in the past months, I am still gaining weight till now. K-kun read somewhere that it's because I lack sleep so I tend to eat more.


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