Alice in Wonderland

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I've been looking forward to this movie ever since I heard the buzz that Tim Burton will be handling it. I know how weird and wonderful it would be and I've been trying to completely watch all of his movies, blame it on Edward Scissorhands and Catwoman in Batman Returns. Of course, the fact that they were directed by the same director was realized a little later when I had a growth spurt and take notice of other important details other than the movie titles. Looking at the trailer now, I already felt the magic and fantasy of this 3D movie. I'll definitely make sure that we'll watch it on IMAX, even if it meant sacrificing my birthday gift on March.

I wonder if I can bring Una with us?

* Embedding the new trailer from YouTube are no longer allowed so visit the magical Alice in Wonderland website for the trailer.



Imagine that. It's been a month since my last post and again no crochet or knitting talk. Obviously, I spent all my time taking care of my now makulit daughter (and playing flash games in Facebook.) I'm totally hooked... on games... not on my WIPs, such a shame. :(

Have I mentioned I already bought some knitting needles? I'm a proud owner of Addi knitting needles, 2 mm. and 2.5 mm, made very little progress and was able to finish a swatch, I repeat, a swatch with my current cotton thread and 2.5 mm needles. Though I tried making a knitted dress for Una, but with my slower than a snail's progress, I'm pretty positive that Una will outgrow her dress without me finishing even half of it so I decided to just rip it and work with smaller projects. I think I'm being too delusional expecting to finish a project that big with zero experience knitting. Oh wait, I did finish a swatch. Can that count as an experience? (No Gene, you're fooling yourself again.) And because I'm being true to myself now and admitting defeat I decided to take some time off (a.k.a spend time reading ebooks) but no worries, such a hindrance won't stop me because there's always a next time and I still see my knitting needles mocking me to pick them up and be productive.

So let's leave those needles in their mocking and I give you Una's photo of the month.

Oh, and she's 6 months now!