Imagine that. It's been a month since my last post and again no crochet or knitting talk. Obviously, I spent all my time taking care of my now makulit daughter (and playing flash games in Facebook.) I'm totally hooked... on games... not on my WIPs, such a shame. :(

Have I mentioned I already bought some knitting needles? I'm a proud owner of Addi knitting needles, 2 mm. and 2.5 mm, made very little progress and was able to finish a swatch, I repeat, a swatch with my current cotton thread and 2.5 mm needles. Though I tried making a knitted dress for Una, but with my slower than a snail's progress, I'm pretty positive that Una will outgrow her dress without me finishing even half of it so I decided to just rip it and work with smaller projects. I think I'm being too delusional expecting to finish a project that big with zero experience knitting. Oh wait, I did finish a swatch. Can that count as an experience? (No Gene, you're fooling yourself again.) And because I'm being true to myself now and admitting defeat I decided to take some time off (a.k.a spend time reading ebooks) but no worries, such a hindrance won't stop me because there's always a next time and I still see my knitting needles mocking me to pick them up and be productive.

So let's leave those needles in their mocking and I give you Una's photo of the month.

Oh, and she's 6 months now!


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  2. Aww...wouldn't you want to make her a lot of stuff? There are simple knitting patterns that you can surely tackle ;)

  3. Your daughter is absolutely precious! I'm finding it hard to knit now that my son is born, but I get a little done every day. Be patient with your knitting, we all have to start somewhere. There are many resources online to answer knitting questions... otherwise try to find a friend or knitting group to help you out. Take care!

  4. Hi Umiko! Thanks for dropping by.

    I try as much as possible to spend time in front of the laptop and knit some for Una. I really want to finish making something for her. Whenever she takes her short naps, I pick up my needles and knit a couple of rows, usually, I can finish half an inch before she wakes up. Her naps are really short, like 20 minutes to 1 hour so I don't get anything done. And playtime for her means me being involved so I always have my hands full and I don't want to make a risk to knit while breastfeeding.


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